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    Slingplayer Mobile to TV?


      I'm leaving for college soon and I recently purchased a Slingbox SOLO and slingplayer mobile for my ipod touch. I also bought a cord that could supposedly connect my ipod touch to my TV and display the touch's screen on that TV. Slingplayer mobile works fine on my iTouch, and I can display my iTouch on my TV when I'm looking at youtube or a few other applications. My problem arises when I try to view my iPod touch on the TV while using slingplayer mobile. My TV shows only a black screen, but the audio works perfectly fine. Does anyone know what the problem could be? (I tried it on a second TV, too, and I had the same problem).

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          olinskyn Newbie

          Only certain apps can use the TV out unless you jailbreak your iPod touch

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            eferz Expert

            Officially: No


            In my  experience, only apps which use the  standard  MediaPlayer.framework will work with the iPhone AV cables.   Those app  include Quicktime, YouTube, iPod, Safari, and Streamtome.   There are  probably more but those are the one I've used personally.    Unfortunately, the Slingplayer for iPhone only uses bits a pieces of  the  framework with a custom UI overlay, so it does not support TV out   natively.


            Jailbroken:  Yes (via Cydia apps).


            In the MediaPlayer.framework API there is a class  called  MPTVOutWindow that can be used to force TV out.  Unfortunately,  its an  undocumented class, so its not offically supported by Apple.  All  of  the apps that have tried to used it was denied on the iTunes App   Store.  However, if you have a jailbroken iPhone you can get apps like   TVout2, Landscape TV Out, or ScreenSplitr in conjunction with the   Slingplayer app to support TV out via the Apple Composite or Component   Cables for iPhone.

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                Pantaydaya Newbie

                Hi all. I too am frustrated at this and just spent £30 for the cables on Amazon. Is there a chance I can mess my new Ipod touch 4th Gen up doing a Jailbreak and will it void any warranties...does it brick the device etc?


                Or does anyone know/think an app will be coming anytime soon?


                Thank you