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    No Video or Sound


      I live in Singapore and i have had my slingbox in the US for almost 1 year now without issues.  All of sudden I have started to experience problems whereby I cannot connect, and when I do, there is no picture or sound.  The remote and guide load, but no sound or video.  I then switched to mac and it worked fine for a few weeks and then it completely stopped working, it says "connecting" and it never connects.  back on my PC, it is now connecting but no picture or sound.


      Can someone please help?




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          eferz Expert

          I believe your connection issues are seperate from your audio and video issues.  The connection issues are a result of Sling Media's problems during the service migration.  They moved the services from the Sling Media offices to their parent company's facilities, Echostar.  The outcome of that move has resulted in severe reduction in reliability of their Sling Account and Slingbox Locator services.


          Many of us has started to use an IP address or URL as a means for negotiation to our Slingbox.  This removed the dependancy we had on the Slingbox Locator Service with the Sling ID.  In order to by the problem with Sling Accounts, some have even gone as far as to use Slingplayer Desktop 1.5 which doesn't use Sling Accounts.


          As for the problem with the no picture and sound, have you try switching video sources?  Perhaps the problem is that your tuned into a video source without audio or video.