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    Tivo button

    tjbinno Newbie

      Having finally re-connected to my Slingbox after the 2.5 week server fiasco and using my new app on iPod touch, I've figured out most of the app remote buttons except one.


      I'm using the Sling to control a Tivo (series 3).  I can't seem to locate the "Tivo" button on the app.  This is the button on all Tivo remotes (at very top) that gets you back to the top "Tivo Central" menu...which allows you to get to all other menus.


      Which app button does this function?  Couldn't seem to figure which one does this..



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          alanrichey42 Master

          I don't have an iPhone, but on the PC version it is mapped to the MENU command, so I guess the iPhone app has one of them somewhere ?

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              tjbinno Newbie

              Thanks for the input, but being a user of the PC version that was the first thing I looked for.  I scanned thru every button at least 3 times.


              You would think having thumbs up, thumbs down, quick forward, quick rewind, info, guide, live tv buttons on the app (all Tivo buttons for sure--and other manufacturers of course) they would have a menu button.  Right now the only way to get back to the main screen is to keep hitting the "back" button until you are all the way back.  OK but a button (any button) would be a lot quicker considering the lag when it switches from one screen to another.

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                  alanrichey42 Master

                  OK, I have to say I am a bit surprised no-one else has reported it, as you say, it is pretty fundamental to the operation of a Tivo.


                  What I can do is build you a Custom Remote which will look identical on the PC and the Android, but I can map the Tivo function to another button that is available on the phone either unused or one you can live without.


                  Just need to know the Tivo model S2/S3?) and the button to use.





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                  tjbinno Newbie

                  A post to check on the status of the remote update.  Done yet?

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                  Hey tjbinno - I know the Guide and Menu buttons are your friends with regard to connecting to the TiVo onscreen menus. Forgive me if this seems vague, but I'm not in front of a TiVo at the moment.


                  Guide shows you the TiVo onscreen guide. Menu shows you the TiVo menu. In Menu, you may see an option for Keypad, which may get you where you want to go.


                  Beyond that, check out this article on our support site and let us know if it helps:


                  Having problems in SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone with remote control buttons?

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                      tjbinno Newbie

                      OK Dana, I think we are miscommunicating.


                      I'm quite familiar with Tivo and Guide buttons both on the regular Tivo remote control when I'm home and on the iconic image that comes up on the Slingplay V 2.0.xxx sofltware.  I use em all the time.  They work exactly as you describe and work great on the Slingplayer software.


                      The problem is on your iPhone app/iPod touch app.  This is the one I'm reporting the problem.  (I just stopped my PC version and connected on the Touch to verify this again).  There is no Guide button nor a Tivo (or as you mention not even a  Menu button) anywhere that I can see (and yes I have scrolled back and forth on the full button list on the Touch app).  When I bring up Keypad on the Touch app all I have is numbers and no other button.


                      As for the reference article you pointed to, there is no reference there to Tivo (unless it is under some manufacturers name)


                      I was going to suggest to Al (alanrichey42) that I have a Tivo Series 3 box (the Slingplayer version looks and acts just like the actual one I use at home so I hope nothing changes on it..  If he needed a button on the Touch app (that shows up on both Slingplayer version and Touch version) I don't use, it is the "aspect" button, so that could be a possiblility for reprogramming.


                      I too am totally surprised that no one else has reported a missing Tivo (or Menu) button on the iPhone/Touch app--that's why I raised the question.  If its' there, I am totally overlooking it or it's programmed onto a button there that I don't recognize.


                      Thanks for the help

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                          Interesting. Apologies if I've misunderstood. You should definitely have some degree of control available within the app, so the issue must be with the configuration somewhere. You should be seeing something very similar to this (I say similar only because the controls will vary from device to device):


                          This is the main page - tapping on Guide would give you a page like this:


                          And tapping Menu would give you something like:



                          I linked to the above article because it did have one relevant troubleshooting step to take:


                          1. Download the latest version of SlingPlayer for the PC or Mac.
                          2. Update the firmware to your Slingbox.
                          3. Use the Setup Assistant to reconfigure the video source.


                          Is it possible that your firmware is not up to date on the connected Slingbox? If so, the proper controls wouldn't be available in the iPhone client. Maybe give us some more details on your setup when you get a chance... thanks!

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                              eferz Expert

                              Dana, the problem is the same with the Slingplayer Mobile for Andriod and iPhone.  Neither one of them is consistently representing the buttons avilable on the Slingplayer Desktop version.  There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reasoning which buttons they show or hide.  As far as I can tell the difference somewhat depends on how the <device type>, <manufacturer>, and <ir code> selections are made during the Setup Assistant.


                              Alan Richy and I have been overcoming the Mobile Slingplayer's short comming by creating the UEI remote update bins with "extra" keymap IR codes.  We shouldn't have to do this to resolve this with Slingplayer Mobile.  We've opened countless threads stating this was a problem  And, so far nobody from Sling has take the onus.


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                                  eferz Expert

                                  Here you go, Dana.


                                  Tivo Series 3

                                  Type: PVR

                                  Brand: TiVo

                                  IR Code: V1295


                                  Screenshots of the Slingplayer Remote Control AND all the ones on the right is stepping through each consecutive screen of the Slingplayer Mobile remote control.




                                  Btw, I'm running Slingbox Firmware version 1.4.60 for the Slingbox Pro-HD

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                                    eferz Expert


                                    Type: SATELLITE

                                    Brand: DirecTV with TiVo

                                    IR Code: S1142


                                    Screenshots of the Slingplayer Remote Controls AND all the ones on the  right is stepping through each consecutive screen of the Slingplayer  Mobile remote control.



                                    *Notice the TIVO button on the iPhone remote control in the top-center screenshot which the original poster is requesting.

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                                        alanrichey42 Master

                                        Looks as thought the Tivo S1/S2 implementation is OK, but the Tivo S3 is broken ?


                                        Anyway, as promised here is a 'tweaked' Tivo S3, with the Tivo function mapped to the Aspect button as well.  Please let me know if it works.

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                                            eferz Expert

                                            alanrichey42 wrote:


                                            Looks as thought the Tivo S1/S2 implementation is OK, but the Tivo S3 is broken ?

                                            I believe the problem is specific to the keymap files which Slingplayer Mobile uses.  It doesn't seem to use the same files which are downloaded by the Slingplayer Desktop.  As far as I can tell this is what the desktop player uses for Tivo.


                                            <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
                                                <map key="001" cmd="id.remote.power" name="Power on/off" category="General" shortcut="Ctrl+Shift+P"/>
                                                <map key="002" cmd="id.remote.power.on" name="Power On" category="General"/>
                                                <map key="003" cmd="id.remote.power.off" name="Power Off" category="General"/>
                                                <map key="004" cmd="id.remote.ch.page.up" name="Channel/Page Up" category="General" shortcut="="/>
                                                <map key="005" cmd="id.remote.ch.page.down" name="Channel/Page Down" category="General" shortcut="-"/>
                                                <map key="006" cmd="id.remote.volume.up" name="Volume Up" category="General"/>
                                                <map key="007" cmd="id.remote.volume.down" name="Volume Down" category="General"/>
                                                <map key="008" cmd="id.remote.volume.mute" name="Mute" category="General"/>
                                                <map key="009" cmd="id.remote.pad.1" name="Digit 1" category="Numeric Keypad" shortcut="1"/>
                                                <map key="010" cmd="id.remote.pad.2" name="Digit 2" category="Numeric Keypad" shortcut="2"/>
                                                <map key="011" cmd="id.remote.pad.3" name="Digit 3" category="Numeric Keypad" shortcut="3"/>
                                                <map key="012" cmd="id.remote.pad.4" name="Digit 4" category="Numeric Keypad" shortcut="4"/>
                                                <map key="013" cmd="id.remote.pad.5" name="Digit 5" category="Numeric Keypad" shortcut="5"/>
                                                <map key="014" cmd="id.remote.pad.6" name="Digit 6" category="Numeric Keypad" shortcut="6"/>
                                                <map key="015" cmd="id.remote.pad.7" name="Digit 7" category="Numeric Keypad" shortcut="7"/>
                                                <map key="016" cmd="id.remote.pad.8" name="Digit 8" category="Numeric Keypad" shortcut="8"/>
                                                <map key="017" cmd="id.remote.pad.9" name="Digit 9" category="Numeric Keypad" shortcut="9"/>
                                                <map key="018" cmd="id.remote.pad.0" name="Digit 0" category="Numeric Keypad" shortcut="0"/>
                                                <map key="019" cmd="id.remote.pad.enter" name="Enter" category="Numeric Keypad" shortcut="Enter"/>
                                                <map key="020" cmd="id.remote.pad.100" name="+100" category="Numeric Keypad"/>
                                                <map key="021" cmd="id.remote.channel.last" name="Last Channel" category="General" shortcut="Ctrl+L"/>
                                                <map key="022" cmd="id.remote.misc.input" name="Input" category="Misc"/>
                                                <map key="023" cmd="id.remote.misc.external" name="External" category="Misc"/>
                                                <map key="024" cmd="id.remote.play" name="Play" category="Playback" shortcut="P"/>
                                                <map key="025" cmd="id.remote.stop" name="Stop" category="Playback" shortcut="S"/>
                                                <map key="026" cmd="id.remote.pause" name="Pause" category="Playback" shortcut="U"/>
                                                <map key="027" cmd="id.remote.fast.back" name="Rewind" category="Playback" shortcut="R"/>
                                                <map key="028" cmd="id.remote.fast.fwd" name="Fast Forward" category="Playback" shortcut="F"/>
                                                <map key="029" cmd="id.remote.record" name="Record" category="Playback" shortcut="Ctrl+Shift+R"/>
                                                <map key="030" cmd="id.remote.pvr.skip" name="Quick Skip" category="Playback" shortcut="Ctrl+F"/>
                                                <map key="031" cmd="id.remote.pvr.replay" name="Instant Replay" category="Playback" shortcut="Ctrl+B"/>
                                                <map key="032" cmd="id.remote.live" name="Live TV" category="Menu" shortcut="L"/>
                                                <map key="033" cmd="id.remote.pvr.tivo.menu" name="TiVo" category="Menu" shortcut="M"/>
                                                <map key="034" cmd="id.remote.menu.device" name="Menu" category="Menu" shortcut="D"/>
                                                <map key="035" cmd="id.remote.guide" name="Program Guide" category="Menu" shortcut="G"/>
                                                <map key="036" cmd="id.remote.clear" name="Clear" category="General" shortcut="Backspace"/>
                                                <map key="037" cmd="id.remote.exit" name="Exit" category="Navigation" shortcut="X"/>
                                                <map key="038" cmd="id.remote.arrow.up" name="Cursor Up" category="Navigation" shortcut="Up"/>
                                                <map key="039" cmd="id.remote.arrow.down" name="Cursor Down" category="Navigation" shortcut="Down"/>
                                                <map key="040" cmd="id.remote.arrow.left" name="Cursor Left" category="Navigation" shortcut="Left"/>
                                                <map key="041" cmd="id.remote.arrow.right" name="Cursor Right" category="Navigation" shortcut="Right"/>
                                                <map key="042" cmd="id.remote.select" name="Select/OK" category="Navigation" shortcut="Space"/>
                                                <map key="043" cmd="id.remote.pvr.tivo.thumbs.up" name="Thumbs Up" category="Misc" shortcut="PageUp"/>
                                                <map key="044" cmd="id.remote.pvr.tivo.thumbs.down" name="Thumbs Down" category="Misc" shortcut="PageDown"/>
                                                <map key="045" cmd="id.remote.favorite" name="Favorite" category="Misc" shortcut="V"/>
                                                <map key="046" cmd="id.remote.info" name="Display Info" category="Menu" shortcut="I"/>
                                                <map key="047" cmd="id.remote.pvr.tivo.list" name="Now Playing" category="Menu"/>
                                                <map key="048" cmd="id.remote.dvd.subtitle" name="Subtitle" category="Playback"/>
                                                <map key="049" cmd="id.remote.surround" name="Surround" category="Misc"/>
                                                <map key="050" cmd="id.remote.slow" name="Slow" category="Misc"/>
                                                <map key="051" cmd="id.remote.disk.eject" name="Eject" category="Misc"/>
                                                <map key="052" cmd="id.remote.random" name="Random" category="Playback"/>
                                                <map key="053" cmd="id.remote.custom.01" name="Custom01" category="Custom"/>
                                                <map key="054" cmd="id.remote.custom.02" name="Custom02" category="Custom"/>
                                                <map key="055" cmd="id.remote.custom.03" name="Custom03" category="Custom"/>
                                                <map key="056" cmd="id.remote.custom.04" name="Custom04" category="Custom"/>
                                                <map key="057" cmd="id.remote.custom.05" name="Custom05" category="Custom"/>
                                                <map key="058" cmd="id.remote.custom.06" name="Custom06" category="Custom"/>
                                                <map key="059" cmd="id.remote.custom.07" name="Custom07" category="Custom"/>
                                                <map key="060" cmd="id.remote.custom.08" name="Custom08" category="Custom"/>
                                                <map key="061" cmd="id.remote.custom.09" name="Custom09" category="Custom"/>
                                                <map key="062" cmd="id.remote.pvr.tivo.window" name="Window" category="Misc"/>
                                                <map key="063" cmd="id.remote.custom.11" name="Custom11" category="Custom"/>
                                                <map key="064" cmd="id.remote.custom.12" name="Custom12" category="Custom"/>
                                                <map key="065" cmd="id.remote.custom.13" name="Custom13" category="Custom"/>
                                                <map key="066" cmd="id.remote.custom.14" name="Custom14" category="Custom"/>
                                                <map key="067" cmd="id.remote.custom.15" name="Custom15" category="Custom"/>
                                                <map key="068" cmd="id.remote.custom.16" name="Custom16" category="Custom"/>
                                                <map key="069" cmd="id.remote.custom.17" name="Custom17" category="Custom"/>
                                                <map key="070" cmd="id.remote.custom.18" name="Custom18" category="Custom"/>
                                                <map key="071" cmd="id.remote.custom.19" name="Custom19" category="Custom"/>
                                                <map key="072" cmd="id.remote.custom.20" name="Custom20" category="Custom"/>
                                                <map key="073" cmd="id.remote.custom.21" name="Custom21" category="Custom"/>
                                                <map key="074" cmd="id.remote.custom.22" name="Custom22" category="Custom"/>
                                                <map key="075" cmd="id.remote.custom.23" name="Custom23" category="Custom"/>
                                                <map key="076" cmd="id.remote.custom.24" name="Custom24" category="Custom"/>
                                                <map key="077" cmd="id.remote.custom.25" name="Custom25" category="Custom"/>
                                                <map key="078" cmd="id.remote.custom.26" name="Custom26" category="Custom"/>
                                                <map key="079" cmd="id.remote.custom.27" name="Custom27" category="Custom"/>
                                                <map key="080" cmd="id.remote.custom.28" name="Custom28" category="Custom"/>
                                                <map key="081" cmd="id.remote.custom.29" name="Custom29" category="Custom"/>
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                                  tjbinno Newbie

                                  Thanks for painting my problem with the wonderful pictures (jpg's).  It's exactly what I was trying to describe in words.  NO MENU (TIVO) button available for me to use on the iPhone app.


                                  For Dana, I AM currently running with the most recent version of:

                                  1. firmware for the slingbox (that was verified when I reconnected Sunday 22 Aug)

                                  2. the most recent version of Slingplayer on BOTH PC and iPhone (verified today)

                                  Thanks also for patched S3 remote with the appropriate installation instruction.  I'll attempt later today.


                                  For patched remote:


                                  1.  I'm assuming that this will change the operation of the aspect button on my iPhone app also?

                                  2.  How will I know if the normal version has been updated?  (ie go back to normal distribution in case other fixes were applied to the normal one?)



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                                      alanrichey42 Master

                                      tjbinno wrote:


                                      1.  I'm assuming that this will change the operation of the aspect button on my iPhone app also?

                                      2.  How will I know if the normal version has been updated?  (ie go back to normal distribution in case other fixes were applied to the normal one?)

                                      1.  Once you have run the setup the new remote is actually downloade to the Slingbox so ANY method you subsequently use to view the SLingbox will use that remote.


                                      2.   Can't answer that.   I don't ever recall Sling announcing any changes like that.   Although maybe now you have Dana involved you might get a bit of feedback.


                                      Did it work ?



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                                        eferz Expert
                                        2.  How will I know if the normal version has been updated?  (ie go back to normal distribution in case other fixes were applied to the normal one?)

                                        There's no way to tell from our perspective.  The remote update files are uploaded into your Slingbox as Alan mentioned.  Putting those files into your Slingbox is a one-way process.  You can only write over them.  However, you can perform a factory reset of the Slingbox to delete the files and reset the configuration to the factory presets.

                                      • Re: Tivo button

                                        Sharp eyes, people!


                                        I kicked this thread up to our developer team and it might be a bug.




                                        We have some TiVo S3 units that we will test here - no ETA on results as of yet, but we will advise...

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                                          tjbinno Newbie

                                          Since it appears that Sling is working to update the Tivo interface/remote, am waiting to try their correction.


                                          Al - am holding your mod as a backup.




                                          Non connected to this discussion: as a sanity check, is this discussion:



                                          (Date last accessed (on account page) not being update)


                                          visible to you?  I've been posting but it seems like I'm talking to myself.



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                                            tjbinno Newbie

                                            A post to check on the status of the remote update.  Done yet?

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                                              tjbinno Newbie

                                              Thanks for the update...now i know the time frame.  May try your patch then.

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                                                tjbinno Newbie

                                                Have installed my modified Tivo remote (with the aspect button set to menu).  Works great both on Slingplayer and also on my iPod Touch app. 


                                                Thanks for the help.  Still wondering how I'll know that the regular release TiVO Series 3 remote is fixed.  Oh well....I've got a working menu (aspect) button now on the app.

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                                                  tjbinno Newbie

                                                  OK, very MINOR glitch with the patched remote on Slingplayer.


                                                  1.  The menu button doesn't work anymore (I HAVE  to use the aspect button to get to the menu).  No problems with that..

                                                  2.  Since I more commonly use keystrokes rather than button clicks with the mouse, the menu button used to press with an "m".  Now I've lost that on the PC Slingplayer so it's back to a button click via mouse on PC to get to the menu.

                                                  3. The aspect button works great on the app


                                                  Thanks again

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                                                      alanrichey42 Master

                                                      OK, on Slingplayer when you 'hover' the cursor over the Menu button, what does the pop-up box say ?


                                                      And do you mean the Menu button on the remote doesn't work or just the shortcut key ?

                                                        • Re: Tivo button
                                                          tjbinno Newbie

                                                          On your version.....nothing appears.


                                                          When I switched back to the original Tivo3 remote, it says:


                                                          TiVo (M)

                                                            • Re: Tivo button
                                                              alanrichey42 Master

                                                              Odd.   I take it we are talking about the same thing, the TIVO button at the top centre of the remote ?


                                                              Is the button itself working (gets a green outline), or is it disabled ?

                                                                • Re: Tivo button
                                                                  alanrichey42 Master

                                                                  Sorry, just figured it out.   I use a S2 and have no problem but I just figured out that for the S3 Sling have shifted the Tivo code from the Menu button function to the Setup function.   Totally illogical but I have come to expect that from Sling


                                                                  Try this replacement V1111 BIN file.   Remove the old one from your \SBAV\ folder, put the new one in and re-run the video setup.

                                                                    • Re: Tivo button
                                                                      tjbinno Newbie

                                                                      Good but other problems.


                                                                      1.  For some reason, the forums are messed up tonight.  Although I am logged in (have logged in and out numerous times) when I go to the forums page, it shows me logged out and WON'T let me log in.  SO I am responding via email (hopefully it posts).


                                                                      2.  When trying to install new bin, during the normal setup process, even though I was connected and watching video/audio to start, after a while the setup came up "you are not connected to your slingbox".  This happened twice and I thought if I got the same on the third try I would give up but it worked and was able to install the new bin.


                                                                      3.  The new bin correctly has an active and usable Tivo button, including the "m" shortcut BUT


                                                                      4.  Other buttons are now mixed up.  I found the cursor left button now performs a cursor down.  Cursor up is okay.  Cursor down is okay, Cursor right now performs a cursor left.  After I found these didn't work, I quit and LUCKILY was able to restore to the standard Tivo Series 3 remote


                                                                      5.  Considering tonights problems I think I'll wait a bit before I try another remote bin.


                                                                      Thanks for the help.



                                                                        • Re: Tivo button

                                                                          ...and let me know if that resolves it! Thx

                                                                          • Re: Tivo button
                                                                            alanrichey42 Master

                                                                            tjbinno wrote:


                                                                            4.  Other buttons are now mixed up.  I found the cursor left button now performs a cursor down.  Cursor up is okay.  Cursor down is okay, Cursor right now performs a cursor left.  After I found these didn't work, I quit and LUCKILY was able to restore to the standard Tivo Series 3 remote

                                                                            Afraid I cannot explain that, I did nothing except mode Menu to Setup.  All I can think is that it was not actually loaded properly because of your other problems.  When the dust has settled you might want to try again.



                                                                • Re: Tivo button

                                                                  Terry - still working on this bug and may need more info. Would it be alright for an engineer to briefly access your Slingbox and if so, could you send me your Slingbox/Finder ID and password by creating a private discussion and inviting me?


                                                                  That way, your SB info won't be floating in the ether for all to see...




                                                                  • Re: Tivo button

                                                                    Terry and all - back again after checking with our iPhone dev team. There may be some confusion and I'm going to try my best here to clear it up, so bear with me if I ask for details which may have already been noted above.


                                                                    As I understand it, you want to have the parallel button functionality between SPM iPhone and SPM desktop (PC), right? Specifically with regard to the TiVo button on your remote, which is mapped in the PC SlingPlayer as "Menu", correct?


                                                                    Assuming the above is true, according to the iPhone team the DVR button in iPhone does exactly the same as Tivo button on PC Player.


                                                                    So, (in a perfect world) our button functionality and the sync between the two players should look like this:


                                                                    PlayerButtonMapped To Remote Function
                                                                    SlingPlayer PCMenuTiVo
                                                                    SlingPlayer iPhoneDVRTiVo


                                                                    That is the only "out-of-sync" button/function combo they could find. For instance, there is a "Live Tv" button on the PC player, which is also present in the iPhone player. On iPhone this button does exactly the same as what PC does for "Live TV" button.


                                                                    So I guess what I need to know is:


                                                                    1. Does the DVR button with iPhone perform the SAME function as the Menu button in the PC Player for you with the Series 3?


                                                                    and, if the DVR button DOES work as advertised:


                                                                    2. Exactly what remote button is on the PC SlingPlayer that is not available in the iPhone SlingPlayer?



                                                                    • Re: Tivo button
                                                                      tjbinno Newbie



                                                                      I have two "DVR" buttons on my app, one that comes up after I press the "remote" on what I call the main slingplayer button screen.  That DVR button just brings up another series of buttons.


                                                                      The other "DVR" button is on the "main slingplayer button screen" (showing Favorites, Remote, Guide, DVR, options, disconnect).  That DVR button actually functions as the "menu" button on the PC version (woohoo!).  (I had just not tried it before).


                                                                      So I'm happy that I can now get to use the "menu" button on the app, it's just labeled DVR.


                                                                      As for the missing button, I have no input into that question.



                                                                        • Re: Tivo button

                                                                          Ok - so to clarify: it works! The issue was just finding the correct button within the iPhone app.


                                                                          This clearly highlights a need for better documentation on our part, so thanks to all. I'm going to make sure we are clearer with how that DVR button (and other UI elements) function. I believe the mobile apps do a great job of adapting to the VAST number of set-top boxes out there, but that doesn't mean we can't do a better job of communicating this kind of stuff to our customers!




                                                                            • Re: Tivo button

                                                                              I will guarantee it does anything but work.  I've tried to follow this thread, and all I know is that I cannot control my Tivo from my iPhone.  And I have no idea why.  It works from my laptop.  I am very PO'd because my laptop won't connect while I'm away for two weeks, and I cannot stop my Tivo from deleting programming.  What doesn't work on my iPhone?  None of the buttons seem to do anything, not to mention I don't have a main Tivo button.