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    Can't view Slingboxes through Player or Web on new computer


      Hello - I've got two Slingboxes - a Pro HD and a Solo (in different homes).   I can access both of them from other computers (even at this location) and from mobile devices, so I know that the Sling infrastructure is working again.  I just installed a new computer running Win7 64-bit and Windows Firewall and Windows Security Essentials.  I installed SlingPlayer 2.0.4 and also logged on through the web client and, although I can log on to my Sling Account, I can't view either of the Slingboxes from this computer.  I configured the Windows Firewall to allow SlingPlayer through, but that didn't help.  In both cases, I get errors pointing me to network connections.


      Any thoughts on why I can't get through from this one computer?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.