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    how I can improve image quality on a SlingBox Pro




      I sent a Slingbox Pro in Romania and I am watching at 400 - 1050kbps and the image is not so good . In Romania they have cable Internet connection with 50 mbps and the upload is 4-5kbps. I have Comcast and my Internet is 20 mbps. I installed a SlingPlayer from Europe version 1.5 because they have another system PAL vs. NTSC . I receive a message that recommends me to upgrade to version 2.0 . Everything is wired nothing wireless. I am afraid that if I will upgrade I will start having problems with the reception ( this is what I hear). In Romania the Internet is dedicated just for the Slingbox ( no computer ).What I can do to improve the download speed for SlingPlayer ( I hope to be minimum 1500mbps) and implicitly the image. What else I can do without to brake anything. It will help if I will chose a SlingCatcher ??!!!

      Please Help Me!!!


      Thank you