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    I Have HTC Pro2 6.5 ver. Software will not work


      I tryed to install the mobile touch screen free trial software. My phone does not want to do anything but tell me NO.

         This comes up in a little screen  when I was installing Sling Mobile on my phone. "Device"  'SlingPlayer-Moblie-ppc- Is not a valid Pocket PC application.  This is what pops up.

      Any Help if I can or can`t install this Sling Box software on this phone. One item is, this phones does not have "JAVA" installed in it from the factory. I would like to know. With out wasting any more time.


      TV Guy

      This has had many views and none of you have any Ideas. Maybe who to ask?

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          Hi, tvguy.


          We recommend you to check the following link. It will allow you to install the SlingPlayer Mobile software on your Mobile device.


          Devices and Requirements


          Make sure to click on the available options at the right hand side of the screen once you have tested the 30 days free trial. Test it out and let us know how it works for you!


          The Slingbox Answers Forum Moderation Team

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            I just talk with technical support on the phone , i purchase the new version 2.0 and doesnt work on my HTC HD2 , how you can charge money for something doesnt work? The answer was ,we sorry you can always use the oldes one for windows mobile 5 version 1.6 i think, but wll cost you another 29.99 to get registration key....absolutely redicilous ,unprofesional , there is no way im paying 62$ for 11mb application, so good luck to deal with this situation hopefully you gonna have better luck!