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    Reconfigure Slingbox - Switching from Satellite to Cable


      I recently switched from DirecTV to Time Warner cable.  When I use the SlingMedia Player on my mac, the picture comes through but there is no sound and I can't control my cable cable box through the on-screen remote control.  I called tech support, and they said that I just need to reconfigure my Slingbox Pro-HD because it still thinks I'm using a DirecTV receiver when I now have a Time Warner HD DVR.  So I guess my question is: How do I reconfigure my Slingbox Pro-HD?

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          Have you not checked out the Menu options in the programs ?   That is always the first thing you should do before asking a question like that.


          But to save you time:


          If you are using the standalone Slingplayer then use the Menu option   Settings > Setup Assistant > Configure Video Sources


          In the Web-based Player use the Slingbox Setup option and then Configure Inputs