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    Cropped video with android app / dish VIP 922


      I just bought a dish VIP 922 receiver, and I am using the sling mobile app on my nexus one. I love the app, but I have an aspect ratio problem. When I watch an HD channel, the video is chopped off the sides. I have tried all 4 different aspect ratios and it still chops the video. Widescreen seems to be not supported. Is there a fix for this?  I have tried using the app when the tv was on or off. I even changed the ratio on my home box to see if it changed. Nothing helped. I wad reading on the forums about how some people had luck getting full screen using component cables to connect there dvr/sling box. That seemed to fix it. I am currently using hdmi cables on my box, no component cables available to test it. I am wondering if anyone has had any luck with this fix using a dish VIP 922.

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          eferz Expert

          I wish I could help you, but isn't doesn't the Dish ViP 922 come with the Slingbox embedded as a "SlingLoaded" device?  From your description it sounds that like they're tapped into the SD inputs instead of the HD inputs internally.  So, the output to your television wouldn't make a difference.  Unfortunately, unless Dish makes a firmware update, it doesn't sound like you can get a resolution to your problem without buying an addtional Slingbox to connect with the component outputs.