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    Replacement for the Default (Basic) On-Screen Remote for Slingplayer

    alanrichey42 Master

      As a builder of Custom Remotes for unsupported devices I have long been critical of the Default/Basic Remote that is used by Slingplayer if a realistic remote was not available.  My main complaints were:


      1.  It did not look like an actual remote, it was very 2-dimensional.


      2.  It was too large for many screens so had to have scroll buttons at the top to switch between different parts.


      3.  There was a long-term bug that stopped both the ‘Track +/-‘ and ‘Skip+/-‘ buttons being defined at the same time.  Although this was reported to Sling a long time ago nothing has been done to fix it.


      4.    It did not have colour buttons for the Mac Slingplayer and for the DVD Remote.


      5.    It did not display the Custom buttons so the user had to go to the Menu to use them.


      6.      The Custom buttons could not be renamed so the user had to try and remember what function they carried out.


      7.    Nothing could be changed, the user was stuck with the design, functionality and implementation.


      So, with a LOT of help from BrandonC and his set of articles over at placeshiftingenthusiasts.com I have produced a replacement remote.


      It fixes all the above problems, and although the remote is my personal design, it is purely a starting point as it actually allows users to fully customize it to their own needs by adding/deleting/moving/resizing/relabelling buttons, changing colours, switching functions….etc.  No programming experience is necessary, just a text editor.


      This is only a first attempt, so I have attached it as a V1.0 BETA so people can try it out and give me comments on both the remote itself and the instructions.


      Look forward to any bugs/comments