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    Sling Catcher still freezes, picture choppy.


      We are in Cyprus and our slingbox is in Virginia.  My Brother in law has resetted our slingbox, we have resetted our catcher, checked our connections, all good.  Still when we log in our slingcatcher the video tends to freeze up.  Even when we log in thru our computer it still freezes up.  Any suggestions.

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          eferz Expert

          A few questions:


          First, which model of the Slingbox?

          • Classic
          • AV
          • Tuner
          • Solo
          • Pro
          • Pro-HD


          And do you know if these symptoms also exists locally?


          Finally, do you know the upload bandwidth of the Slingbox location?

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            Switched Sling Catcher and still having the same issues when we try to watch TV thru the Sling Catcher.  Picture is choppy and sometimes video seems to fast forward, freezes then we have to wait till the audio catches up to the video.  Is Slingmedia doing anything is correct these issues.  Prior to August we had a only a few issues, but now it is constant issue.  Choppy picture and network errors.

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                callanish Apprentice

                What exactly is your upload bandwidth speed from the Slingbox in Virginia to Cyprus? Pressing the opt button on the slingcatcher remote should let you see what speed you are receiving from the slingbox on the bottom right hand corner of the TV screen and will also tell you if its a stable stream ( not a lot of optimizing messages coming up all the time). I have my slingbox 5000 miles away from my slingcatcher, but have not experienced any issues that you describe and I'm working with only a 768K upload speed which I can use for hours without interruption. If everything checks out on the Virginia side, how confident are you that your Cyprus ISP has a consistent, stable stream?


                If you are experiencing these problems also while watching your slingbox on your computer, then obviously it's not just a catcher problem.

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                    Actually I am having the same problem (freezing), both with viewing through the website & using Slingplayer (on laptops). I say laptops because I have two and they both have the same problem. I haven't had any issues for the past two years, using the same equipment -- Slingbox Solo -- with the same ISP at the same location. I have downloaded the latest update & also reset my Slingbox Solo. Yet the problem still persists. If I was SURE customer assistance could help fix the problem I'd pay the service charge, but I've read other posts that say even this has not fixed the problem.


                    It really does suggest that something at your end has changed and is the cause of the problem. Too bad, because up untill now it has worked fine. I was going to buy another one for my nephew, but not until this freezing problem is fixed.





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                  I hope this helps...While watching press OPT on your remote and then ADVANCED. I had mine on 320x240 and the picture was terrible (upload at 4Mbs on the other side, 50 Mbps connection on my end). Anyway, I changed it to 640x480 and now everything is fine.

                  You have nothing to lose to try it.