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    Slinbox Pro-HD picture freezes up while viewing over the internet


      My Slingbox Pro-HD is brand new. When I try to watch on the internet, the picture will freeze up after 5 to 15 minutes. Sometimes it will freeze up after only a minute or two.                                                                                                The picture may come back on after a few minutes, but most of the time I will be asked to re enter my password in order to start viewing again. This will keep happening with no improvement.

      I have contacted support and basically they have been giving me the runaround with no solution. They instructed me to update the firmware for the router and use a shorter ethernet cable (my cable is 25 feet). I have done both with no improvement.         

      Is there a solution to this problem?

      I think there is something wrong with the Slingbox unit. If I return it for a new one, will I be risking having the same problem? Or, should I just get a refurbished unit that has been tested.