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    Hardware failure network port !!!


      I have had the slongbox AV since 2007 never had a problem with it until I noticed it today.


      I accessed it about 2 weeks ago and no problems.


      Interestingly enough when I look at my profile online here it say haven't connected since 2009 ???


      That aside today I can't connect to it.


      Only light on is the power light

      Reset the unit all lights flash then all but power go out

      Notices a sequence of lights they would go back and forth a bunch of times then the network light would flash 5 times in a row and then go off. (i assume that means no connection)


      So now I go and look at the router, I have a trendnet, I notice the port light for the slingbox is off.


      Troubleshooting tells me to bring the sling to beside the router and try a different cable.


      I'm a tech guy so I know as soon as you plug in the network cable if there is a signal the light will come on right away.


      Still no light on the router with 2 different power adapters and 3 cable changes.


      I gather it's dead correct?



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          I have the same issue.  Ethernet port failed, switched ports on the hub, switched cables everything and confirmed that the hub port and cable were fine but the SB would not sense the network.


          Then tried to reset the slingbox, but it would not respond.


          Then power cycled the slingbox, and not it will not come online at all.  The display light continuously flicker and that's it.


          Try to find a way to reach SB support with no luck yet.  WIll be very disappointed, I've only had this about 6 months or less and already it has crapped out.  Not good.

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              Sounds like I'm having the same problem.


              After trying different cables and routers, resetting and power cycling my Slingbox AV numerous times, all I get are all 3 lights on steady (logo, network, power) but the port on the hub is not lit up.


              Seems like a dead network IC on the slingbox to me.


              Some official help from Sling would be great!

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              Same problem here ...


              I have also started this tread:



              .. have tried different routers and network cables no luck.

              And it just suddenly stopped working after working without any problems for over a year.


              I haven't tried replacing the Slingbox powersupply yet, will receive one the next couple of days and will test that. Slingmedia support suggested that my current powersupply wasn't giving enough power, since the network port failure.


              Has any of you guys gotten your problem solved and what has Slingmedia support said when you called them?


              ... really unlucky that it stopped working, right before going on a 3 week vacation!