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    Invalid Finder ID during setup


      Hello everyone


      I have tried to setup my Slingbox classic using a PC and a Mac and have run into all sorts of issues.  The main problem I seem to be running into is that when i try to add my Slingbox to my account via https://slingaccounts.slingmedia.com/ I get an error message that tells me that my Finder ID (aka Slingbox ID is invalid).  I obtained my Slingbox ID by opening the SlingPlayer, go to Slingbox menu > Get Info and I copied and pasted the ID found to the right of the stereo button titled Slingbox ID: xxxxxxxx....


      Now I am aware that if I copy and paste the Slingbox ID from the Get Info page, the total length of the ID is 36 characters and I read in some support article that I should remove the -'s from the ID and then I should be able to use the now 32 character ID (after removing the four dashes (-)).  For some strange reason when I enter that 32 character ID it STILL says that I have an invalid Finder id (why in the **** do they call it two different names, very confusing!).  I have verified that I am copy/pasting the same code just minus the dashes by reading each number sequentially to make sure everything is matching up..


      Just incase this info helps, my cable provider is Comcast.  I have the slingbox hardwired to the same switch that my PC and my MAC are connected to.  I have a static DHCP lease set for the Slingbox's MAC addy in my router..  Let me know if you need any further info.



      I am in the IT/MIS field and have been working with computers and networking my entire life.  I very rarely run into snags like this one, and usually I can figure issues like this out after reading a few KB articles.  This one really has me stumped.  What am I doing to make this ID invalid?  I have made a screencast that shows the steps I am taking and the error message I am getting.




      I would like to point out that in this screencast, when i go to the Slingbox Directory, it finds the Slingbox device and when I click on it I get an error message stating that it cant connect to it, even though it discovers the slingbox somehow when it searches for it and says its available.  Also, the picture of the slingbox in the directory is not the same slingbox I am trying to setup.  When I was trying to configure the slingbox using my Windows XP PC, it would show the correct picture of the slingbox classic, and it would let me connect and go past the point that is shown on the video.  I dont know exactly why there would be ANY difference due to what operating system I am using during the slingbox directory dectection phase, but I did want to mention the fact that I had different results on windows than I did when using my MacMini..


      Also wanted to mention on Windows XP i used Firefox 3.6.8 and IE 8.0.6001 and on my MacMini I used Firefox 3.5.11 (updating it to 3.5.6 right now) and Safari 4.0.5 (also being updated as I write this post)


      Am I just overlooking something stupid?  Is this a common issue?  Any help would be greatly appreciated



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          eferz Expert

          The problem is their IT just moved a bunch of services from the Sling Media's San Mateo office into Echostar's Datacenter in Colorado. For about a month now we've been experincing random problems with the Sling Account and Slingbox Locator Service.  Feel free to search the forum to witness their incompetitence in process of migration.


          Anyways, I tried your Sling ID as well on accounts.sling.com and got the same response.  I was hoping the different application server would give a different response but it didn't.




          So, I looked it up using the Slingbox Resource Service url and it looks like your Slingbox hasn't had a chance to register itself on sparcs.slingmedia.com (Sling Products Authentication and Registration Control System).