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    Need a remote for I-O Data HVT-TLSD/R

    alanrichey42 Master

      Jumpei wrote:


      Dear Mr. alanrichey42


      Hi.  I have similar problem with Mr. joyride2000.

      I'm in Japan and I have slingbox for friend of mine living is the US.

      Previously we have used Slingbox Tuner, however, to watch Japan TV by new degital wave we need to use special tuner for it.


      Here is my invironment.

      Slingbox: Slingbox Solo

      Tuner: I-O Data HVT-TLSD/R

      IR Blaster test: OK (saw white flash blinking)

      Just like Mr. joyride2000, also I failed to connect to http://betaremotes.slingbox.com.


      Please kindly help me to make remote control function work.



      The only IO-Data boxes I have code for are the IO-data HVT-100 and this is at




      and the IO-Data HVT-ST200, and I have attached a copy of a test remote for that one.


      Do either of them work ?