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    how I can improve image quality on a SlingBox Pro



      I sent a Slingbox Pro in Romania and I am watching at a 800-1050 kbps and the image is not so good. In Romania they have a cable Internet connection with 50 mbps and the upload is 4-5mbps. I have Comcast and my Internet is 20 mbps. I installed a SlingPlayer from Europe version 1.5  because they have another tv system PAL vs. NTSC. I receive a message that recommends me to upgrade to version 2.0. Everything is wired nothing wireless. I am afraid that if I will upgrade I will start having problems with the reception ( this is what I hear ).


      In Romania the Internet is dedicated just for the Slingbox ( no computer ).



      What I can do to improve the download speed for SlingPlayer ( I hope to be minimum 1500mbps ) and implicitly the image. What else I can do without to brake anything.


      Please Help Me!!!


      Thank you,



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          eferz Expert

          The bandwidth which is important to each location is the Slingplayer's download speeds and the Slingbox's upload speeds.  The highest common denominator will be the limiting factor.  The connection between the two sites will need to sustain a generally high amount of bandwidth to obtain the maxium quality.  This is different than thte burst speeds which most ISPs advertise.