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    Device Not Supported


      Ok, I have another issue. 


      On my Windows XP machine (32 bit), I installed SlingPlayer to see if I could get my Slingbox classic working.


      I downloaded and installed SlingPlayer, when the application starts it goes and finds my Slingbox classic on my network and then gives me an error message that says


      This device is not supported.  Click here to view a list of supported devices.


      The link opens http://support.slingbox.com/get/KB-2000121 which shows that the Slingbox classic IS SUPPORTED BY WINDOWS XP!!!!  What gives? Is my Slingbox just doomed?  I have had nothing but problems from the first moment I tried to set it up last night.  I am running Service Pack 2, and I can update to SP3 if needed if that happens to be the thing that is making the SlingPlayer tell me that my computer is not supported...


      Any ideas     ?