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    Service Outages resolved ?

    alanrichey42 Master

      Hi team


      "We'd like to assure everyone that recent service outages are  completely  resolved. All Sling Account and related services are back up  and  running as expected"


      I see you have locked the discussion so no-one can post there anymore, so I guess I have to start a new one,   I am afraid I have to disagree with the statement, and I hope you accept I am not a newbie at this game and with 5 x Slingboxes, 2 x Slingcatchers I have been running for years I think I know the difference between a problem at your end and a problem at mine.


      I have already reported that betaremotes.slingbox.com is not working properly, and at the moment your Location Server is not working properly either.  I am in the USA at the moment and just tried to connect to my Slingboxes in the UK using both Slingplayer 2.0.4 and watch.sling.com.   In the case of Slingplayer it took 3 attempts to work, with the 'No Slingbox found at this location" error at the first 2 attempts, in the case of sling.com it complained at the first attempt that no Slingbox could be found, then asked me for a Password, and then connected.


      Sorry, something at your end is just not right with these 2 aspects.


      Al Richey