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    Not connecting... again


      About 2 weeks ago I couldn't connect to my slingbox solo back home in  Los Angeles. But last week I was able to connect and watch it online after reset,  however this morning when I try to watch it, it gave me this "There was an error connecting to the box.Please check your network, firewall and  router settings." I asked my mom to check the internet and the slingbox back home and she said everythings working, so I don't know whats going on here... Both sling player and slingbox.com web watching is not working...

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          eferz Expert

          You should consider installing Slingplayer 1.5 instead of using Web Slingplayer.  At least until Sling Media fixes the problem with their servers.  Slingplayer 1.5 isn't dependant on the Sling Accounts which could be causing your problem to connect.  You can also use a direct IP address Slingbox Directory entry to also bypass any problems has with their Slingbox Locator Service.


          If your ISP is providing your router with a DHCP address, then you'll need to sign up with a Dynamic DNS service for your router to duplicate the propietary Slingbox Locator Service for the Slingbox.  Nice thing about DDNS is that you can sign up for them free and its an internet accepted standard.  Opposed to the Slingbox Locator Service which is propietary to the Sling Media ecosystem.