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    My Slingbox Solo died just out of warranty


      I presently own one First generation slingbox, two Slingbox Solo boxes and three Sling Catchers.


      I also experienced the symptoms of network access problems on one of my Solo models. Since the warranty had already expired on this unit, I decided to open the unit and inspect it myself to determine whether my unit had circumed to "bulging capacitor" syndrome. Surprised but not unexpected, since only recently many Solo's exhibited exactly the same problems, I had two out of three capacitors with "bulging" tops.  There seem to be an obvious flaw in the design of the unit's reliability and possibly some firmware issues since software can impact the life expectancy of these products.  I hope management at Sling would do the right thing by initiating a recall on all Slingbox Solo's with defective hardware regardless on warranty status including opened units as in my case.