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    Need help with my new Slingbox Pro-HD


      So I just set up my new slingbox and everything seemed to be going great.  I'm in the military and have orders to Italy which is why I bought a Slingbox.  If you ever watch AFN (Armed Forces Network) oversea it's TERRIBLE!


      So here is my problem.  I have 71 channels coming through my cable and when viewing them on SlingPlayer or at Slingbox.com the upper channels are really fuzzy while the lower ones are clear.  I can't figure out the problem.  Above about channel 38 the quality is bad.


      I'm not sure if I configured my slingbox correctly.  I chose Digital Cable during setup.  I'm adding a DVR today to my Slingbox so maybe this will help.


      Should I have configured it as Analog Cable?


      I leave in 7 days and want to fix this ASAP.  Thanks for any advice!  Below is channel 44 and 21



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          eferz Expert

          Actually, with the Pro-HD for the ANT IN you have these choices in the Setup Assistant.


          • ANT IN
            • External box (cable box, satellite reciever, DVR, etc.)
              • The box outputs to channel: ____
            • Cable service (without a cable box)
            • Antenna


          The rest is picked up automatically throught the channel tunning wizard.  May I ask how do you have the cable service connected into the Slingbox?  Is it a parallel or serial connection to set-top box.  And which options did you select in the Setup Assistant for "ANT IN".  Also, can you check the Video Standard value under the A/V Input from the Information tab of the Slingbox Directory entry.

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              Thanks for the reply.  Right now I just have the cable coming straight from the wall inserted into the slingbox.   I went and picked up an additional DVR and will add that tongiht and see if it helps.


              Am I correct that I will still bring the cable from the wall to the Slingbox and then the output on the slingbox to the DVR/cable box.  Or should it go the other way, cable from wall to DVR/cable box then output of DVR/cable to Slingbox.  With that DVR I'll be able to pick up hundreds of channels but had just connected it to the wall cable to see how the system worked before I went to my cable company and ask for a DVR/cable box.  I'm using my parents cable at thier home now that I've packed up my house and didn't want to interfere with thier own DVR.


              I'm not sure about the video standard option, I don't recall that on the setup but will check it out tonight too.

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                  eferz Expert

                  That depends.  If you want to watch the Slingbox seperately from someone watching the DVR then you'll want to get a RF splitter.  This will prevent the two devices from interferring with one another.  Make sure its a good splitter, otherwise you may have degration on both ends.  Sometimes you can call the cable company to boost the signal to make up for cheap splitters.


                  If you want to watch all the channels provided on the DVR then you'll want to connect the slingbox between the television and the DVR.  This is especially necessary if your television provider has any encrypted channels which the Slingbox Pro-HD is unable to tune.  The Slingbox Pro-HD has a hybrid analog and digital tuner which is only compatible with over the air ATSC and unencrypted QAM signals.  If your DVR contains a CableCard provided by your cable company then it will be able to tune in the encrypted channels ontop of the other unencrypted channels.

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                      radams91 Newbie

                      Your last post seems to be dealing with my current question.  I have a slingbox pro hd, and a comcast cable box putting out the HD channels, some movie channels, and the DVR video recorder.


                      Right now i have the slingbox connected in between the cable box and the tv and everything is working great except i need to be able to view seperate channels on the tv and the slingbox, including being able to watch the dvr recordings on the slingbox and not the tv.  i was under the impression the pro hd had an internal tuner.  Can you please help me set this up the proper way to achieve my goal.

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                          From what I know and a practice set I did at my friends house this is what I learned.  You will need to configue multiple inputs to the Slingbox.

                          1) COAX Cable

                          2) Compenent

                          3) Composite

                          4) S-Video


                          You'll need to do each seperately.  When you watch the DVR on the Slingbox it will also control your TV at the same time.  If you wanted to wach something on cable while someone else in your house is watching the DVR then you'll need to change inputs.  This is easy and take a couple seconds.  There is a tab on the player "input".  Select the one (coax cable) and now you can watch one thing on the Computer and another on the DVR on you TV.  You can only do this after its configuration is complete.  I was only able to do Component, S-Video and COAX because my DVR has only one Composite output and that goes to my TV.  If you have Scientific Altanta, Explorer 8300HD and you put an HDMI cable from it to you TV then you won't see your video on you slingbox unless your TV is on.  So I removed the HDMI cable, used the Composite cables (red, green, blue) and it worked great with the TV off.

                          My set it was with the cable from the wall to the Slingbox and then out from Slingbox to the IN on the DVR/Cable, then the OUT from there to the TV.  haven't tried the other way yet.


                          I hope that helps.

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                    At any rate I HAVE A SOLUTION!!!!!! Strangely enough it is  the permissions on your browser that are causing the problem.  I never thought that they would block  only some of the channles ....but they doooo. Sorry I am excited. I was all set to  return the unit. I have read  dozens of these posts...all with the same problem... ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS the following and all is fixed... at least it was for me .  (1) launch your browse like normal to watch your slingbox . http://watch.slingbox.com/watch/sling_player

                    (2) double click on the  small eyeball icon at he bottom of your browser and a window will pop up. left click the link in the window that is from slingbox.

                       It will say something like    http://analytics.sling.com/analyticsgif?env=prod&ta...  chose to always except cookies from this site.


                    (3) click on the settings tab on the window. your internet privacy window will pop up. click on sites button. In the address of website  area key in


                    sling.com  then click {allow}


                    then key in


                    slingbox.com   then click {allow}


                    click  {ok} button that window will close leaving your internet properties window still open

                    click {ok} button and that window will close leaving your privacy report window still open

                    click {close}  and you are done.

                    your unit should now work  and all channels should be there...


                    Good luck worked for me  HOPE IT WILL FOR YOU AS WELL!!!!!


                    Let me know if it worked for you as well.

                    I never found the solution  out there I figured it out myself.