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    Slingbox with Virgin V+Box HD


           I have had the Slingbox for over a year but I  have never been able to get the menu to show.  I just know the channel numbers and use the virtual remote to find the channel I want.  The picture quality is decent, but as I only have .486MB upload speed the quality goes on wide and distant veiwing.  My V+Box is connected to the Slingbox via the scart connector on the V+ Box, converted into the composite ports on the Slingbox.  V+ Box does not have the component ports enabled so I can not use the HD attachment to the Slingboxs HDMI port.  I am thinking of upgrading my upload speed to .886MB (20MB package) or 1.34MB (50MB package).  Will this allow me to see the menu or is there something else I need to do.  I would be most grateful for any assistance.