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    Why don't I see HD with my new Slingbox HD-Pro?


      I just got a Slingbox HD-Pro.


      It's connected to a new Comcast HD set top box RNG 110 RF with component cables.


      It streams to my PC at about 8000 kbps over my home network.


      My computer runs Windows 7 64 bit. The monitor is 1920 by 1200.  I have a TV Qam tuner card that runs 1080i so I know that the system runs real HD at 1080i.  It's beautiful.


      When I tune into HD channels with the Slingbox (and the set top box shows the HD light) I don't see HD via the Slingbox.  It's a nice picture but I can't see the pores, random facial hair or zits that real HD reveals.  The picture seems no better than what my Slingbox Classic or Slingbox AV provided.


      I've attached a screen shot of channel 858 of the John Stewart show with the lovely Jennifer Aniston as an example.


      What do I need to do to see real 1080i HD with the Slingbox HD-Pro?