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    ISScript.msi is missing from machine


      I have setup my new Slingbox I received today. Viewing my Slingbox from the web application works fine. I downloaded the desktop media player, but when I try to install I get the error message "The Install Script engine is missing from this machine. If available, please run ISScript.msi, or contact support personnel for further assistance."  I contacted Slingbox support (Gaby), he was pretty curt in telling me this is a PC problem, not a Slingbox problem, he can't help me. I researched and ended up on Install Shield support website, found this is a common error and there is a fix.  I downloaded the current ISScript.msi and installed as per their instructions. I then checked to ensure it was installed in the proper location as per their instructions. But it did not resolve the issue. Now Install Shield says if the issue is not resolved, it is a software vendor issue and directs me to contact Slingbox support.  Well, I've been down that road once...


      Anybody had this issue? Is there a fix beyond what Install Shield told me?