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    HD on Firefox, but not Safari


      Having a strange issue -- Safari works more reliably than Firefox for me, but in Safari, "Best" is the best quality option I receive, but in Firefox, when it works, I get "Best/HD".  It is not clear to me whether it is actually streaming in HD anyway in Safari, and I'm not sure how to tell for sure.


      The reason that I prefer Safari is that very often, and without apparent rhyme or reason, I will get audio but no video in Firefox in the initial viewing screen.  Video for fullscreen always works, but that is useless unless I have a second monitor, because I am unable to use the remote in the fullscreen mode with only one screen.

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          eferz Expert

          The Web Slingplayer plug-in for the PC version of Firefox and Intenet Explorer has a hidden key combination of pressing the [Ctrl] while clicking on the streaming window which will give you a statistics window..  I don't know if the Mac version has something similar or what the hidden keystrokes could be, however, if you find it then you can see exactly what's happening.



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            I have the same, exact issue on my Mac Mini.  In Safari the highest quality is "Best" while in Firefox it is "Best/HD."  There does appear to be a slight quality difference as the Safari stream looks more pixelated.  The interesting thing is that on my Macbook Pro running the same version of Safari (5.0.1), I still get "Best/HD."  I have no idea why.  It only started happening a few weeks ago.  Any help would be appreciated.