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    Audio problems at home


      I'm having a problem streaming from my HD-Pro at home. I get really bad stuttering in the audio with occasional stuttering in teh video, though nowhere near as bad as the audio stuttering. I have a gigabit network and I get over 8000 Kbps of bandwidth over my network. If I run video in a window about 1/4 of the screen everything is fine, and if I connect to the HD remotely over the internet where the bandwidth is MUCH lower, everything works fine. So the only time I have this problem is if I enlarge the video window to more than 1/4 of the screen or if I go full screen. It seems odd that I can get so much better audio quality over a remote connection where I have much lower bandwidth. I would be perfectly happy to sacrifice some video quality to fix the audio issues.

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          eferz Expert

          That's really odd.  Usually, its the other way around.  Problems like these are pretty difficult to troubleshoot without being able to witness the statistics.  You can open the statistic window by pressing [Alt]+[Shift]+[i].  This window should able to help you determine what's happening behind the scenes.


          If you're unable to decipher what its telling you, then I recommend taking a one minute sample video capture of the Slingplayer and the statistics window open.  You can then upload it to video share site like youtube, and we can take a look.  You can use a third-party virtual web cam software like mReplay Broadcast or Webcam Max to record or rebroadcast any portion of your desktop.