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    Replacement power supply for internationally-bought Slingbox Classic




      A number of years ago, I purchased a Slingbox Classic in Hong Kong for use in Singapore.  I have since moved to the United States, and I now wish to set up my old Slingbox here.  Unfortunately, in the process of moving, my power supply was damaged and no longer works.  I want to buy a replacement power supply, and I saw that Slingbox has an online store for buying replacement power supplies, but after looking at the specifications, I'm not sure whether it will work for my internationally-bought Slingbox.  My Slingbox came with a 6 VDC power supply at 2.4A and with positive tip polarity (model # HK-A314-A06).  Looking at the user guide for the US version of the Slingbox Classic, the power supply that shipped with it is 6 VDC at 2.0A with positive tip polarity (model # HK-A112-A06).  My guess is that if I buy the replacement from Slingbox, I will get the US power supply.  Will this work with my Slingbox?  If not, where can I get a replacement supply with the specifications that my device requires?


      I appreciate it if anyone can give me any advice!

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          I believe it's the same power supply. I'm in the US and mine says on the power supply block "6V 0-2.4A (Set at 2.0A)."  What that means is that the power supply is internally switchable to different amps but it is set internally at 2.0A. So, it is just a 6V 2.0A power supply. Mine just died last week and I'm replacing it with a new 6V 2.0A generic power supply bought off of E-Bay for only $9.99 with free shipping.