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    Interference with new receiver


      I just got a new receiver that has HDMI slots.  I noticed that after hooking up the new receiver I was hearing cracking sounds from the speakers.  I realized that the sound was because of my Sling AV and/ or Sling media link.  Even when it was not slinging I still heard a sound every few seconds and also noticed the green lights on the sling media link would happen at the same time as the noise from the speakers.  When I was slinging the sound was more consistent and louder.  I tried plugging the AV and media link into different outlets, the same outlets, outlets with power strips and without power strips.  I tried every possible combination but nothing worked.  I even got the Snap choke core to put around the wires and that had no effect.  The only thing at stopped the noise was when I unplugged the Slingbox AV and the Sling media link.


      I could really use any advice that anyone has.  Thanks

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          eferz Expert

          That certainly is peculiar but its not exactly uncommon.  PowerLine Network Adapters like the SlingLinks introduces line noises within the electric lines.  That's how they are able to communicate with one another through your electrical lines.  If your recevier doesn't have the necessary filtering circuitry in its power supply to eliminate the interference then its possible to have the symptoms that you've indicated.  You might consider picking up a power conditioner to provide a clean noiseless electricity to it, or swapping that receiver with one that has better power circuitry.


          Incidently, those "snap choke" magnets try to filter out radio intereference like crosstalk.  They really they don't do much of anything.  Mostly these days they're placed on "high-end" cables just for show.  Its better for the cable to have grounded shielding or twisted wires inside the jacket along the entire length of the cable then to have one of those barrels placed around either end of the cable.