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    Problems with using the remote in a foreign country


      I purchased my slingbox in the USA and it works fine when I'm home in NJ.  I currently am attending school in Grenada and for some reason my slingbox remote will only work on some days.  One day it will work fine, the next day it won't work, and another day it will work only when I repeatedly hit the button.  I can connect to the slingbox as if nothing is wrong, it's just that the slingbox will not respond to the computer remote.  Any suggestions?




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          alanrichey42 Master

          As it works sometimes it is probably a hardware problem.  Get someone to check the IR Blasters are fully plugged in.  When it stops working see if someone can watch the Blasters through a digital camera to make sure there is a healthy white flash.

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              eferz Expert

              My cousins had IR problems because of ambient lighting at certain times of the day.  It was weird and took them a while to figure it out.  Right at about 2 to 4 o'clock their IR remotes wouldn't work, and then were flakey at night.  They finally figured out the problem by hiding with the devices under a blanket.  As it turned out, the sun beams in the day time would hit the sensors in such away that they wouldnt't respond.  And at night, the mix of their halogen and flourescent lights had cause problems.  A few months later, they ended up building an AV closet and now they control their devices through an RF converter that has a series of IR Blasters.


              Now, I'm not saying you need to build an AV closet, but one troubleshooting step would be to have your wife to try and isolate the ambient light to see if you're having the same issue.