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    Comcast Xfinity X1 no component cables


      I'm trying to connect my Slingbox 500 to my Comcast Xfinity X1 and the back of the DVR does not have component video.  What can I do to connect the X1 DVR to my Slingbox 500 since I need to use the component cables to bypass these "copyrighted" programs?

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          Ok X1 customers. I found a solution that works and will help many. Although Slingbox support hasn't found or shared to my research.


          This solution only works for X1 with multi room boxes. Do not connect slingbox to your main X1 box, as it doesn't have component connections and are protected. Connect the slingbox to one of the satellite /multi room boxes. They have component connections and voila it worked.


          My multi room box is an PR150BNM. Although the HD channels didn't stream well. Standard Content comes through very well.

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            Rhoda Newbie

            Hi blaneblakeburn!


            For information on an HDMI adapter that works with a Slingbox check out this link:



            Hope this helps!


            Sling Media Technical Support

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              I have a Slingbox500, that worked fine with older non Xfinity X1 boxes.


              My new X1 satellite box is a prx032ani from Pace, it does not have a component output.


              Slingbox does not list this Xfinity box in the set-up list, how am I to configure the remote?


              When will Slingbox provide an answer to solving the non-component issue with this set top box.  The Gung-hu product listed in the forum is sold out and on backorder and there does not appear to be another solution available that works.


              It seems strange that the only solutions provided are by the user forum, Slingbox sells the equipment but provides very little continued support on solving issues with new set top boxes.


              Any real solution would be appreciated.

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                  eric_b Newbie

                  As a casual user, it seems that the issue surrounds HDCP and SOC.  The cable/satellite companies are trying to maximize their revenue, so they lean on the government and hardware manufacturers (like Motorola) to create standards and boxes that make it difficult to utilize your equipment to avoid paying their outrageous fees.  For example, using Slingbox with Apple TV causes the cable company to lose a monthly equipment fee since you are no longer renting a box from them.  So, they have the hardware manufacturer create a box that doesn't have component output or they prevent dual-output to both HDMI/component and they encrypt the channel to prevent you from 'stealing' from them.  Sling (having less political pull) is on the receiving end and can only respond to the regulations.  In the case of the Gang-hu box, I believe what is happening is that the splitter that they sell is actually not up-to-spec in the sense that it doesn't pass the encryption along the wire.  So, in effect, the splitter is not really 'working' - it's doing an end-round about the spec.  Some splitters actually do pass the encryption and this will still prevent you from using a SB - which is why Sling only recommends the Gang-hu.


                  The cable/satellite companies did something similar with QAM.  With QAM, your HDTV should not have to rely on using a Cable box for scrambled channels.  But, the monopoly wants you to pay for boxes, so QAM goes down the drain and you are stuck having to rent a box, even if you want 10 channel basic service.


                  I just read an article saying that now Hulu is going to be losing the ability to post recent content or full episodes from the past.  Another example of large companies putting pressure on smaller companies that were trying to get content out there.


                  On the other hand, it is very frustrating from a user's perspective that Sling is not very transparent with their development process.  From scanning through the posts here, it would be nice (particularly for 'big' issues), to see some type of queue that Sling is trying to address.  At least it would be something that someone could point to and say... 'gee, I guess xyz doesn't work today, but it looks like they're working on it.'  There are very few announcements of new features and updates that seem to lag other product's version updates and new third-party products.  Unfortunately, this device seems to be the only game in town, for now, so it seems that we're stuck with it.

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                  This worked for me


                  XFinity PX032ANI (I had changed   the output to 1080i at some point and it worked. I did not  go back and try 1080p)

                  HDMI to Component adapter   Amazon.com: Portta PETHR Premium HDMI to Component YPbPr and R/L Audio Converter v1.3 1080P - Not for Windows 10: Home A…

                  Slingbox Pro-HD ( component  input)


                  Slingbox Remote Setup:

                  Cable TV Box


                  X1 (XR5)