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    Using Slingbox with Firefox and windows 10

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      I have been having a lot of trouble using my Slingbox M2 with windows 10 and firefox.


      At first it was just the message that says I am out of memory that comes on briefly then goes away (I have lots of memory)

      Then it was that plus the frequent lock up of the controller and the "plugin has quit working" message.  I could usually make that go away by using control-alt-delete bringing up the manager and stopping Firefox, then restarting it.

      Then it was the occassional request for multiple logins.  I start slingbox, it logs in and shows my username, I press watch and it takes me to a page that says "let's get you logged into a slingbox account" with my login and password already filled in in both the login and the create new account sides..  Until today, I could just login again and slingbox would start working OK except that I needed to get it set up for what I want to watch quickly before the plugin stops and the controller quits working again - whatever is laying when the controller quits will keep playing but I will need to restart firefox to change anything after it locks up.

      Then Firefox got an update and after that, it would not run slingbox because it was not signed.  Slingbox support had me change the firefox setting that checks for the signature and set it so that it doesn't check.


      Firefox support tried to help with the plugin and memory error, but eventually said it was my computer and I should contact the computer manufacturer.  [I found we get the same symptoms when using my wife's computer - different computer and different processor but also windows 10 and the same symptoms are present.


      Today, when I pressed "watch" it went to the login page again - but this time it said I had used an incorrect email or login.


      I tried to contact support, but that can't be done without logging in and it would not recognize my login credentials even though I was already logged in.


      I finally said I forgot my password, got a code, and reset it the same as it was, and then it logged in after the double log-in request and said there was a new version for my browser.


      Now, I have trouble getting the controller to appear at all, but once it does things sort of work- except All the previous issues (except for signature) are still there but worse-  The controller lockup happens much more frequently.


      I am on a rather slow DSL datalink.


      Anybody else experiencing similar issues or, know how to fix them?  Slingbox used to work really great and, I can still make it work most of the time with a few logins and a couple of restarts.




      Slingbox is an M2, ISP for slingbox is xfinity, Computer is a Toshiba Satellite running an i7 with Windows 10 and Firefox.   The other computer is a different brand and running an AMD processor but experiencing similar symptoms.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          I see similar problems but not to the same extent.  I have actually given up on Firefox and use the standalone Desktop Player.  I find it much superior.

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              How do I set it to use the desktop player?  I have only found options for a browser.  Microsoft is no longer supporting explorer as I understand it and slingbox does not have a setting for the new Microsoft browser, Microsoft Edge and Firefox is the only other browser I have that slingbox will let me set.


              The version of slingbox I used to use had an internal desktop player and it worked great.  Since the update to the latest version, I can't seem to get it to work.

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                  alanrichey42 Master

                  Just select Products and then SlingPlayer Apps at the top of the page

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                      I tried this, but the current slingbox player App for desktop seems to require a browser and is no longer a stand-alone app.  When I start the slingbox app for desktop, it starts Firefox.  I seem to only have a choice of Chrome, Firefox, or Explorer.  Microsoft is dropping support of Explorer and I don't have Chrome.


                      I got the latest version of the desktop app and I am still plagued with multiple logon requests, out-of-memory false errors, etc.  Today, after connecting and starting to play, I got a "disconnected due to unknown internal error.  I closed both Firefox and slingbox, restarted them and, for the first time in a long time, I wathed an entire 1-hour show and the controller was still working at the end of the show.  It almost makes me brave enough to try fast forward on recorded shows again!!


                      Clearly Slingbox and Firefox do not work well together (or perhaps it is Windows 10 and slingbox) or the combination of all three.  I only hope that they eventually can get it to work at least as well as the old versions of Slingbox.  It used to work great.


                      For now, I can usually make it work better than nothing at all.  At least I have not had the "plugin stopped" error  at all today.


                      Thanks for the suggestions.