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    M1, M2 have no guest account capability

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      I just bought and connected 3 M2 slingboxes and was so pleased with my nice new M2s until I discovered that Sling has removed the guest account ability from them.

      Not to mention adding commercials to the startup.

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      My only recourse is to return the boxes and try to find some old 350 slingboxes.

      Whoever is in charge should be laughed out of the business, Slings  own tech dept is clueless and just says "Sorry" we don't know why they did this!

      I'll be looking for any competitors product from now on.

      If you have not already purchased one Don't do it, I wasted a lot of time and money "upgrading" to a far far lesser product.

      This company is being run by complete ****, Their products get worse not better each year.