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    audio is out of sync with picture

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      I have an old Sling Box Pro HD model. It has always worked just fine.

      I installed a new Comcast cable box yesterday and now the Sling box audio is running about 15 seconds ahead of the picture and I can't find a way to get them in sync. The new cable box allows me to only connect via composite or component instead of by S-video (which I used to use).

      Now, no matter what I try, I can't sync the picture with the sound. Some channels won't even display; I get an error message on my client that there is "no, or weak, video signal".

      My guess is the technician made a mistake plugging one of the inputs on the Sling box, as I can get picture and I can get sound...just not in sync.

      The technician told me I might need to get something called an HDMI splitter.\

      Can anyone tell me what might have gone wrong and how to fix it....or at least direct me to additional resources to solve this dilemma.


      Many thanks,

      -bobby k.