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    Why is the Slingbox still uploading after been "disconnected"?

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      It's been going on now for a number of consecutive days and nights... last night I disconnected the Slingbox at around 11pm and went to bed... and reconnected it this morning at 10am. When I checked this morning the daily Internet Usage Report provided by my home ISP (updated once a day at 4am), it shows that there have been 2.0 GB of data uploaded from midnight to 4am. It also shows that all day yesterday (24 hour period) 18.5 GB of data were uploaded, while I have only connected the Slingbox for about 7 hours total all day (and disconnected it after each individual use) at the usual "good" quality level which should result in about a 2000 Kb/s stream and about 0.9 GB of data per hour.


      The Slingbox is currently the only device connected to my home router as I am away with all my other computers. There are no other people currently at home and I very recently changed the router password to make sure that nobody could connect to it wirelessly! My home network is 10 Mb/s - 30 Mb/s upload-download.


      Every time when I "connect" the Slingbox it does connect normally without the usual "The box is being used by someone else. Do you want to disconnect them?"... which means that there was no other device connected ... so why is the Slingbox 350 still uploading between 0:00am and 4:00am after having being "disconnected" at 11pm the previous night? And what should be done to fix the problem? Thanks.