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    Slingplayer still not working.....

    bretthadley Newbie

      From my web research it has come to my attention that SLING BOX needs to get on the ball and make their APP available to use with FROYO.  I paid good money for a worthless Icon!!!!  Refund me my money then I may think about re-installing it...

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          bretthadley Newbie

          This is clearly a slingbox issue as I read online in the forums....

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            Hi, bretthadley.


            We are sorry about this situation. However, the SlingPlayer Mobile application for the Android Mobile devices is available only at the Google Apps MarketPlace. This means that if you purchased the application on this website, it is not possible for us to apply the refund for the charge, since this specific product is not available on our Online Store.   

            The following link will provide you with further information about this situation.

            Android 2.2 can't see SPM/Android in Market


            You can also check this link for further assistance.


            Android Market Help

            The Slingbox Answers Forum Moderation Team

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                Used my slingbox on HTC Hero today at work. Went to the Sprint store after work and bought an HTC Evo preloaded with froyo 2.2. Now the slingbox won't connect on the Evo over 3G or wifi.


                I even put the battery back in my Hero and turned on wifi and was able to get slingbox working no problem. It also works on my laptop so I know it's not my settings. I already had port forwarding turned on.


                I honestly don't know what to do at this point.