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    Analog tuner glitches


      I have a Slingbox Pro HD and need to use the analog tuner to access various locally generated channels in the house for security cameras and satellite dish TV.   The problem is I get very short breaks in the picture consisting of horizontal bands either dark or white that flash through the picture about 5 to 10 times a minute.  This happens on all analog channels but NOT DIGITAL.  In fact the ATSC antenna digital signals are perfect.   The slingbox is the only device I have that has this issue.   A TV connected to the antenna OUT loop-through on the slingbox does not show these intermittant bands.  The box even has the problem when directly  connected to a color bar generator on channel 4.


      I called support and they shipped me a new unit.  But, it has the exact same problem.  I ran both of them at the same time and they will both malfunciton in the same way but the flashes do not happen at the same time.  In fact, one box can working perfectly while the other is flashing.    Also,  the units do not malfunction until about 10 to 15 minutes after power is turned on.  Even a brief 1 second interruption of power will make them start to work correctly for 10 to 15 minutes.


      Here is what I've tried.


      Problem happens with stand alone Mac Sling Player or web browser player

      Upgraded to the latest firmware 1.4.60 - no effect

      Swapped Coax cables - no effect

      Supplied RF signal from a color bar test generator - still glitches

      Cooled the unit with a fan - no effect.

      Wrapped in a towel to get it hotter - no effect.

      Used different power packs - no effect.

      Power line voltage is 121 volts.

      Got replacement unit from Sling - no effect


      Below is a frame grab from a video of one of the more severe glitches.  They can be black or gray and the bar can be anywhere in the picture from top to bottom.  If it happens during vertical sync the picture will bounce up and own once.  They happen 5 to 10 times per minute starting about 15 minutes after box power-on.


      I also have an old Sling Analog tuner box which works fine - doesn't have this problem at all.   But, I can't use it with my Android phone.


      So, what is going on here?  I suspect there is a bug in the Slingbox Pro HD but I have not seen any other discussions about it.  Is it just me?



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          eferz Expert

          Sounds to me like you have some errant signals in your coax cable.

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              "Sounds to me like you have some errant signals in your coax cable."


              I wish it was that simple.   It's not "errant signals" for 3 reasons.


              1. Nothing else on the coax has the problem including TVs and an older Sling model SB220-100 analog tuner.

              2. I hooked the Slingbox Pro HD directly to a colorbar generator modulating on channel 4.  Same problem.

              3. Two Slingbox Pro HDs on the same coax - If it was errant signals they should both glitch at the same time.  They don't.  In fact one or the other may work fine for while the other is glitching badly.

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              Well, the issue sems to have resolved itself.   Possibly the firmware upgrade (1.4.60) fixed the new unit and improved the old unit.  I powered down both units for an hour then plugged them back in the day after I upgraded the firmware.  Both had been glitching even after the firmware upgrade.  However, after the hour long power down the new unit is now working perfectly.  The old unit now only has very thin horizontal white lines flashing in the picture quite frequently instead of the thick ones less often as before.  Also the old one reverted to it's old problem with poor tuner sensitivity on channels above 50.


              So, I'm shipping back the old unit today and keeping the new one which is now working fine.   Good sensitivity on all channels and no glitching anymore.  Hopefully it will continue to work properly.