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    Internet Setup Issue


      Need help from someone smarter than I.



      - I have AT&T DSL

      - The Router that AT&T gave me is the 2Wire Model 2701 HG-B D/V

      - I have two Slingbox Classics

      - Slingbox Classic A is setup as a wired connection to my TIVO Unit and to my DirecTv Satellite feed. I have no issues with this one as I can see it from my laptop or my cell phone over the Home Network and over the Internet. Again no issues with this one.

      - Slingbox Classic B is setup in my bedroom. I can access it with my laptop while I am at my home with no problems. This works because I am on my home network. Anyway, I can not access it with my cell phone or my laptop when I am away from my home network. I have the Slingbox connected to my TIVO and my DirecTv but.... and here is the but.... I have a Linksys Network Adaptor WGA11B.


      So what have I done. I have gone into the 2Wire FIREWALL settings and found the slingbox classic b ... I then created a TCP and UDP of 5000 to 5000 to open up the ports (Allow individual application(s) – Choose the application(s) that will be enabled to pass through the firewall to this computer. Click ADD to add it to the Hosted Applications list.) I saved the settings on the sling box and then I create a replica for the Linksys where TCP and UDP ports 5000 to 5000 are open...


      However, I still can't get the Bedroom Sling Box to view over the internet... It only works on my home wireless network..


      Any help is greatly appreciated.


      Gary Shelton