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    Can't connect to slingbox - "SlingBox Location Service error"?


      I'm not exactly sure what has caused this problem. 


      I am from the US, but spend a lot of time in Kenya.  I've watched Slingbox for a year or so without major problems (although the internet here is not good).  Well, now that I actually have a better internet (wireless too), each time I try and connect, it's telling me that there is message:


      Connection Error
      SlingPlayer can't connect to the Slingbox Location Service.  Check your network's Internet connection and firewall settings.  IF they are okay, then the Slingbox Location Service might be temporarily unavailable.  (see photo attached)
      There is nothing wrong with my internet connection or firewall settings.  I've checked several times.  This has been a problem for over 2 weeks now!  I have just re-downloaded the newest software for SlingPlayer Mac, ... still nothing. 
      Can anyone offer some assistance? I would be very grateful!  Thanks