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    Low or no video signal


      When starting up slingbox remotely, a message quickly pos up and disappears stately "low or no video signal".  not sure what this is because nothing has changed and the picture quality is VERY bad.  I have a MAC.  Has anyone else seen this??

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          eferz Expert

          Yeah, that "low or no video signal" is common with the Slingplayer if it doesn't detect a signal.  In your case, its probably in the middle of connecting with the Slingplayer.  Anyway, to resolve your picture quality issues, you're going to have to be more specific about your situation.

          What is the Manufacturer of physical set-top box?

          Which Slingplayer?

          • Web Slingplayer for Internet Explorer for PC
          • Web Slingplayer for Firefox for PC
          • Web Slingplayer for Firefox for Mac
          • Web Slingplayer for Safari for Mac
          • Slingplayer Desktop for PC
          • Slingplayer Desktop for Mac
          • Slingplayer Mobile for iPhone
          • Slingplayer Mobile for Andriod
          • Slingplayer Mobile for Blackberry
          • Slingplayer Mobile for Windows Phone
          • Slingplayer Mobile for Palm
          • Slingplayer Mobile for Symbian



          Which Slingbox?

          • Classic
          • AV
          • Tuner
          • Solo
          • Pro
          • Pro-HD



          Also the selections you've made during the Setup Assistant is important:


          Which Video Source?

          • Component
          • S-Video
          • Composite
          • ANT IN
            • External box (cable box, satellite reciever, DVR, etc.)
              • The box outputs to channel: ____
            • Cable service (without a cable box)
            • Antenna



          Which Device Type?

          • Cable Box
          • Satellite Receiver
          • Standalone DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
          • DVD Player
          • Other Controllable Device
          • Non-Controllable Device





          And are you connecting to the Slingbox on the locally or remotely?

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              Here are the answers thanks for your help!


                              Web Slingplayer for Safari for Mac, also tried fire fox but same thing happens



              •   Pro-HD


              •   Component


              •   Cable Box


              •   Connecting remotely


              When I connect through slingplayer.com the picture is very good but I notice the remote that comes up does not allow you to control the DVR functions of the cable box, which is Comcast RNG 200

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                Also – I have tried to set up the COMCAST remote from slingbox.com just as I tried through the normal set up and no luck the only 2 buttons that work are the info and mute button.  For the normal set up I used the custom remote created for this comcast box and it doe not give you an option for a custom remote during set up through slingbox.com