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    Lack of channels


      I bought a sling box pro hd so as i thought i could watch my parents cable while away at school and not disturb their tv veiwing. i have set that up (connection wise) correctly. However, when  I configured the coax input and had the slingbox search for channels I got nothing even close to resembling their cable package. its basically the basic channels (abc, cbs, nbc, public access, ion, my tv etc). Is this the best I can expect or am I doing something wrong? If its the former, does anyone want to buy a barely used sling box thats not even a month old?

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          eferz Expert

          Contact the television service provider to find out what  kind of  service you can expect using the equipment your purchased.


          You didn't say which Slingbox you have, but there's only one  Slingbox that has hybrid analog and digital tuner; the Slingbox Pro-HD.   If you have any other Slingbox with a coax input, it only supports  analog signals.  This is important because not all service providers  broadcast compatible channels on their line.  The Slingbox Pro-HD's  tuner will accept over the air ATSC or unencrypted QAM signals, where as  the older  Slingboxes can only pick up analog channels.