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    Desktop Software suddenly changed to green picture with ghosting


      My Dad has logged onto my Slingbox Pro for the past year with no problems.  Two weeks ago the picture suddenly turned green with a major ghosting problem.  I was visiting him at the time this occurred, so I and logged onto the same Slingbox with my laptop...and the picture was perfect, so I'm convinced the issue is with his PC.  He has Windows XP.  I ended up uninstalling his desktop software and reinstalling the latest version...to no avail.  The only thing that I can think of that has recently changed is that I increased the screen resolution on his PC.  I changed it back to its original setting, but it did not help the picture quality on the Sling Player.  Has anyone run into this issue?  Thank you.

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          eferz Expert

          The problem most likely has to do how the Slingplayer interacts with the Windows XP's graphics subsystem.  I would recommend testing each of the settings to alter the Video Mixing Renderer support.


          This can be manipulated in Slingplayer Options | Video tab | in the Optimizations subsection.  There are two scheckboxes.  It can be toggled all off for Legacy (GDI), one box checked for VMR-7 (DirectDraw), or both checked for VMR-9 (Direct3D).  Make sure to close the Slingplayer after making an selection, and then make sure it is selected after you restart it by pressing [Alt]+[Shift]+[i].  You'll see a statistics window where you can verify the current rendering mode of the Slingplayer.


          Unfortunately, if that doesn't resolve the problem then you'll have to make sure his graphic drivers are up to date along with all the Windows Operating system files especially the ones that concern DirectX.