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    PC - Web Player- Auto Connect

    metalunna Newbie


      Hopefully this is an easy one.I remember there used to be an Auto Connect "check box" on the web player.

      I can't seem to find it.  I want to turn it off.  I have several boxes and I dont like having to connect to one automatically, disconnect, and then connect to  the one I want.


      Can someone point me in the right place..I'm sure Im just overlooking it somewhere.

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          eferz Expert

          I think they may have removed that option, it only appears to be available on the Slingplayer Desktop.  You might try and deleting the "WSPConfig.ini" file found in "%APPDATA%\Sling Media\Web Slingplayer" to reset the configuration settings.  Otherwise I believe its always going to reconnect to the last SLingbox used.