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    Slingcatcher won't turn on - 2nd AC adapter


      My Slingcatcher - June 2009 purchase, serial number C2607112692.


      I get a network light and the left, bottom-most light of the SB logo "U";  Based on reading other posts, I bought a second A/C adapter from Slingbox.com, but still don't get a power light.  Calling support, there is one option for $49.99 to get tech help and possibly a replacement, refurbished SlingCatcher, "if in stock."   I have two Slingboxes which work fine, have for two years.  thank you for any advice.

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          eferz Expert

          Ouch, it sounds like there's a hardware fault with the SlingCatcher.  You might try to contact them for a replacement if they have any, since the SlingCatcher has been discontinued.

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            I have the same problem! Yesterday evening my slingcatcher was working fine, and today I can't even get it to turn on! I also can't see anywhere to even buy a new slingcatcher..does anyone know where to buy one in case I can't get this one working?

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              I have the same problem. It will no longer turn on and all I get is the two red lights that come on, and no green light. How do you know it's the A/C adapter? Can you even return them for repair or replacement?  Please let me know what you find out.  Thanks for your help and time.

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                I have the same problem, although I can't get any of the lights on the Slingcatcher to go on.  I changed the batteries on the remote, hit the reset button, and tried various electrical outlets in my house -- all to no avail.  Is there a special power cord/power unit which needs to be used with the Slingcatcher?  I have an old Slingbox Solo and I'm wondering if I could use the power cord from that to test my Slingcather to see if it's a power cord problem.  Any other thoughts on getting tech support or a new or refurbished Slingcatcher?  Is there just a 1 year warranty?  Thanks.

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                    I talked to SlingMedia and the Slingbox PRO-HD, SOLO and SlingCatcher all use the same power supply. The product informatin is below. I ordered the new power supply for $19.99 and it will arrive on Wednesday. I have a feeling that won't fix the problem. If not, you can send yours in and they will send you out a refurbished one for $149.99 if your product is no longer in warranty.  They only give you 90 days free support and then it's costs something like $29.99 per incident.  There is no use calling them because it's either the power supply or the unit itself and I doubt it's the power supply, so I might end up paying the $149.99.  I guess the SlingCatcher is discontinued, so I don't think you can buy them new anymore except for on Ebay and they are going for like $300-$400 on there right now new I think. You can chat with them online or call there toll free number.


                    Product SKU: 10247087
                    Product Name: Power Supply for Slingbox PRO-HD / SOLO and SlingCatcher
                    Qty Ordered: 1
                    Amount: $19.99




                    We have team members available for phone support 7 am to 7 pm Pacific time seven days a week. Call us at 877.GO.SLING (877.467.5464)http://support.slingbox.com/go/contact-sling-media

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                    I have the same exact problem - bought my slingcatcher in May 2009 along with a sling box pro-HD and now the slingcatcher won't power on.

                    We tested the power adapter which is a Ktec brand and it appears to be ok so I hesitate to buy another power adaptor.

                    My serial number is C26071112911 so I am wondering if there is an entire group of slingcatchers that are now going bad?

                    Does anyone have any updated information - I don't want to waste more money on another power adapter if it won't make a difference.


                    Sling Media - you need to help resolve this problem.

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                      Wow, I just had a ridiculous experience with tech support calling about this problem.  I'm still within the one year warranty.  My problem appears to be the same power supply issue in that my slingplayer just won't turn on anymore and my power supply makes a high-pitched noise.  They told me that I could either troubleshoot myself and buy a 19.99 power supply or could buy an incident-support plan for 29.99.  Either way, despite being under warranty, they were going to make me pay at least 19.99, and that's under the assumption that I am right about the problem.  One year warranty thus means one year, but they will charge you 29.99 each time you call.  This is absolutely ridiculous and I'll be going at this on my own with HTPCs in the future.

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                          I had the same problem with them. It's like charging 20$/year to have a working Slingbox. I already did that twice, but im not gonna do it anymore. It's a rip off. If you buy a second adapter from Slingbox you have no warranty on it!!! There are different options out there and im gonna look for them.

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                          My slingcatcher (lightly used) was gone too, so I had to replace my power adpater.


                          Luckly it is working now.


                          However it seems that Slingmedia sold 1 year only useable product to everyone, isn't it? 

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                            I received a SlingCatcher as a gift just last Xmas - now it doesn't turn on when it is plugged in, and it makes a sustaining popping noise through the TV speakers. No indicator lights are on anymore. I don't have the money to f**k around with it (buying new adapters, purchasing support advice from Sling Media, etc.), so I will just string a long sat cable to the back room and connect my satellite box via that instead of projecting it through SlingCatcher. The SlingCatcher is a tremendous disappointment (dying after little use -- about 9 months) and a tremendous rip-off -- and for someone underemployed during these hard times, this is a really screwed-up situation. Now I have to PAY Sling Media to have them further pick my pocket for support help or to pay to replace an inferior product or the plug that makes it operate?! I think not. I will be sure to tell all my friends!

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                              Thanks for all the posts and I will add my same report. The same dull network light and no power. I have now ordered new power supply which is out of stock. The call center  (in Pakistan) is taking forever to give me an answer.  Make that no help to get an answer. When I asked support and order center for supervisor they offered up a PO Box to send letter. No remedy for one year warranty as implied in the user guide. The support options are limited and they seem to have a documented issue with these. I hope new power supply brings it back to life but they are of no help other than costly options to probably advise you to buy a new power supply. I love their products but this is really disappointing. If anyone finds an alternate power source to buy as someone tried to from Radio Shack please post. I may try that too. They once sold an adapter with various sized plug options that would work with many different devices. Very frustrating as I am in remote location and was depending on sling catcher to get programs. STEP UP SLING MEDIA. Deal with the issue and replace bad power supplies.

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                                  Yup....dull network light and no power. I bought the replacement power supply they should have given all of us for free but that did solve the problem.It is rather difficult to find that 5 volt 4amp output adapter anywhere so you might as well buy the sling version.

                                  This is the only way I know of to save the Slingcatcher - Sling Media really should make this right for all of us. They should stand behind their product when there is an obvious defect like this power adapter!

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                                      Glad I found this thread.  My first Slingcatcher was DOA... huge disappointment.  I got it replaced early this year and it was working fine until we went on vacation for a week in August.  When we got back it wouldn't power on -- just that dull network light like you said.  I've been trying to decide what to do with it, as it's 10000 times more convinient than leaving a laptop hooked up to the TV with a wireless mouse, and I'm not spending $600 on a new one   Looks like I'll be trying a new power supply as well....


                                      Now if they'd just integrate Slingplayer software with PS3 or GoogleTV or something and eliminate the need for the Slingcatcher.....  That's all a Slingcatcher is -- a slimmed down computer running a dumbed down Windows OS.  Why not just use existing hardware platforms and stick the software on them?


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                                    From all the posts, I thought for sure my problem would be solved with a new power supply.   Living in Tokyo and found a multi setting adapter that fit the specs.   But I get the exact same status...just two red lights.   Has anyone else found the new adapter does not fix it?   Is there another addressable problem without buying a new box?    an ideas?   thanks

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                                      Had same issue. Dull network light, Bottom left of receiver dully lit and remote would not power on. I checked my Power supply witha multimeter and was getting the 5v it was supposed to, but there was some AC also which is bad. Tried the power supply from my slingbox just to test and worked. You can try e-bay for a 5vdc 4A power supply, but also make sure the positive is on the inside. If you look at the power supply you will see what I mean. The 20 bucks for the plug isn't too bad vs other suppliers. If they sent you a bad one try to get your money back.These things (Slingcatchers) are not being sold any more, so take care of it. There going for a few hundred on e-bay (probably double what you paid for it). Clean it by blowing it with electronics cleaner or air periodically to get the bunny's out of it. Especially if it is somewhere with no air flow.

                                      Good Luck,


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                                          Got the new power adapter and SC powers up but had to do a hard reset to make it work. Now it will only run at 175-200kbps and that varies and sometimes drops to zero freezing the picture. I checked and it says the slingcatcher is running the latest firmware. Also bypassed the router as I've read there may be some problems with LELA and linksys. Same speed directly thru modem. Upload and download speeds are good via speedtest.net both at the slingbox and the slingcatcher sites.

                                          Any ideas?


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                                            I am so very grateful that I found this thread of information.  I am in England and my Slingbox is in USA.  I really appreciate being able to watch American TV on a television (rather than on a laptop) with my SlingCatcher.  Out of the blue it totally died.   I was heart broken as I thought it was a goner until I found eabn4k's post.  My husband and I went to Maplin and purchased a new adaptor.  We plugged it in and it worked immediately!  I think it is shameful that they would include an inadequate faulty adapter with this product.   I cannot thank eabn4k enough for posting this information.  Especially the part where it says when the adapter was checked it seemed to be working - my husband checked it and it did appear to be working but it was faulty.


                                            Kind Regards


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                                            I too have a SlingCatcher that is just out of warranty by about 5 months and won’t turn on.  In fact, it isn’t getting any power at all.  I was lucky enough to test the Power Supply of my SlingBox Pro HD (since they are the same) and it worked fine.


                                            I called support and was told that they are investigating the issue and are aware of it.  I was given the option to purchase a new one for $20 or wait up to 4 months for them to make a decision on how they are going to handle the issue.  He did call someone to see if an exception could be made but, they said no.


                                            What BS!  If you know there is a problem, replace bad power supplies already and call it good.  Don’t make people buy one on their own.  How is that providing service?

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                                              How can i get a replacement  for Sligbox Solo  - AC Adapter.





                                              Input: 100-240v -50 / 60hz 0.8a

                                              Output 5.0v  -------- 4.0A


                                              As i have a slingcatcher this is how i know its the powerpack thats at fault.


                                              I need it shipped to the UK.

                                              http://www.slingbox.com/go/buy-replacement-parts   seems limited to USA only!


                                              both products are still in waranty  but i doubt it would cover the power pack?


                                              if anyone in the UK knows the best solution please let us know.

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                                                Here is a tip, if you order from Sling's online store don't expect your power adapted any time soon.  I ordered a replacement for $20 on 11/2 and received an email that it is on back order.  Online it still shows in stock.  What a joke.  I called and was told that it is out of stock and they don't know when more will be available and couldn't tell me when mine would be shipping.  I have gone round and round with them and got no where.  Sling makes a **** of a product but, their customer service is the worst.


                                                I even asked if I could cancel and buy an adapter from Radio Shack and they said they couldn't guarantee that they could cancel my order.  Ugghhh Now I am sitting with a $200 paper weight until they decide to ship me a replacement power adapter that I had to pay for when it should have been replaced for free since this is obviously a known issue.

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                                                    Well looks like I got someone’s attention.  I don't know if it was a poor survey I gave or was calling Sling Corporate and leaving a message for the lady in charge of sales but, I got a call from Tech Support last night and they offered me a replacement power supply free of charge and said I would have it in 3-5 business days.


                                                    I then called Digital River (Online Store) and emailed them to cancel my order since I don't need 2 replacement power adapters.


                                                    Persistence pays off.  I personally feel it should have been replaced free of charge anyways since it is obviously an known issue and it doesn't matter if the item is out of warranty by a few months.  The power supply failed at no fault of my own.


                                                    Thank you Sling for making things right.

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                                                    I just encountered the same problem as everyone else in this thread.  After reading everyone's comments I wasn't too optimistic about my chances on getting a replacement adapter.  But I called tech support nonetheless and the csr was helpful, he tried to get me to pay for support since I'm past my 90 day window, but still within my 1 year warranty, but ultimately offered to do a one time replacement of the AC adapter for me.  Maybe with the volume of complaints they are finally giving in to customers who should rightfully have the defective adapters replaced free of charge.  He did mention though that if the replacement adapter failed, that I would have to either purchase a new one or use their pay per incident or extended care support options.  So unless Sling actually fixes the problem with the adapters it looks like we all will be having this same issue again sometime in the future.


                                                    So that brings up an interesting point, is it worth it to pay the $49.99 for the 2 year extended warranty in hopes that they will continue to replace the adapters again and again?  Or are you better off buying one from like a Best Buy that in theory would not need to be replaced (or at least as frequently).  Keep in mind the 2 year extended warranty also covers the Slingcatcher itself should something go wrong.  With the prices of the Slingcatcher on the open market, this seems like a viable option?  I did ask the rep what would happen if something went wrong with my Slingcatcher since they were discontinued, and he indicated that while they are no longer being sold, they have them available for replacement purposes.  I'm sure those are probably refurbished units of some kind (if they really have them in stock at all).


                                                    Now what are your thoughts on what to do here in regards to purchasing the extended 2 year warranty?

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                                                        Extended warranties are rarely ever worth it.  I definitely think it is not worth it in this case.  Most like the OEM power adapter will simply fail over and over anyway, and it will be like pulling teeth to get a new one.  I have had two of the standard OEM KTec power adapters fail on me after approximately the same amount of operation time - 9 to 10 months.  I am not going to put up with it any more.  As far as I can tell, the OEM adapter uses a 2.1mm X 5.5 mm DC plug.  Therefore, I am going to buy one of these -




                                                        and its associated power cord on the same page.  If its DC plug does not happen to fit, I'll hit up my local Radio Shack, get the right plug and hack it onto the DC cord myself.

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                                                            Why not just cut/splice the original power supply cable?  I'm anxious to see if this works or if having 5A vs 4A poses any problems.  My transformer is also sitting on back order... I sat on hold yesterday for over an hour trying to get through to tech support and finally gave up.

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                                                                Yes, I suppose I could splice the original power adapter cable - didn't even think of that.  Heh, that's my absent mind.  :-)


                                                                Regarding the 5A vs 4A question, just because the power adapter at the link I provided is rated at 5A does not mean that is what the Slingcatcher will be getting.  The 5A rating is the maximum that the power adapter can provide.  It is not what the power adapter will be "force feeding" to the Slingcatcher.  The power adapter will provide only the needed voltage and current that the Slingcatcher "asks for."  So, when the Slingcatcher is turned off, the power consumption will be minimal (probably less than 1A).  That's all the power adapter will give it.  When running, the Slingcatcher probably needs its specified 4A, and that's what the power adapter will provide.  It will not give the Slingcatcher 5A just because it can and is rated that way.

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                                                                    The replacement power adapter that I ordered from RP Electronics (at the link in my previous post) will be here on Tuesday, Nov 23.  I will report back here as soon as I can after its arrival as to the operational status of my Slingcatcher.

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                                                                        Well, the replacement power adapter at the link in my post above arrived today.  The DC plug fits in the back of the Slingcatcher without any issue.  Unfortunately, the unit itself will still not completely power up.  I get a solid but dim network LED, and the same for the remote activity/connection LED.  So, I don't know what to think is wrong now.  It's quite disappointing.

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                                                                            Ordered this power supply and IT WORKS!!!


                                                                            I had no idea if the plug would fit and was fully prepared to cut off the original plug and splice it in, but not necessary!


                                                                            I do have to say that after being off for almost 4 months, the Slingcatcher acted very tempermental....  I almost gave up, but I'm glad I didn't.  The power light was coming on, and the network light would come on, but the TV wouldn't display anything while hooked up via HDMI.


                                                                            My TV wasn't showing the picture, so I almsot gave up, but my wife caught the fact that the TV displayed a message about an "unknown video format" (or something like that) instead of "no signal".  I quickly grabbed component video cables and saw the message saying that I held the reset button for over 5 seconds!  I was very excited... but the Slingcatcher was completely unresponsive to the remote.  I thought it the Slingcatcher was just displaying the first screen and locking up.  I have the remote programmed to also turn my receiver and tv on and off, and that still worked, so I thought by some freak coincidence my box quit processing commands from the remote.  I hooked up a USB keyboard and it worked fine, only to reinforce the fact.


                                                                            I rebooted several times and still nothing.  My wife started asking if I tried the remote after I had connected to our Slingbox, which of course I did, but as soon as she told me to try it it worked!


                                                                            I still have it hooked up via component video, so I have no idea if the HDMI works or not, but I'm going to guess it does, since there was this weird warm-up period where things started gradually working.


                                                                            Anyway, if you have problems with your power supply, order the one above!  It works for me!

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                                                                                Wow thanks for the information balforth, I actually live in Orlando and didn't even think to try this place even though I've been there before.  Needless to say, I received a replacement from Sling in just a few days at no cost and my Slingcatcher is up and running as before.  However, I'll definitely keep Skycraft in mind once this replacement once craps out on me in 9-10 months, which seems to be the case for these AC adapters.

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                                                                                    Ok: so I had the same problem as many folks one day the slingcatcher failed to turn on, after reading that it could be the ac adapter I purchased a new one from Sling Media and it works fine now.  The one question I can't answer is why does the ac adapter fail so frequently on the slingcatcher but the exact same adapter seems to carry on fine with with the slingbox ( I have an HDPro model)?



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                                                                                Went to Best Buy today.  Bought a Slingbox Solo since its power adapter is compatible with the Slingcatcher.  Hooked the Solo power adapter to the Slingcatcher, but again no successful power up.  So, it appears the main box of my Slingcatcher is toast.  I guess I will be returning the Solo to Best Buy as soon as I can, and I'm even more disappointed in the lack of quality of the Slingcatcher hardware.

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                                                                        All - I had the same problem that many people describe here in this post.  My Slingcatcher suddenly failed after intermittently resetting itself for about a month.  At first, I thought it had completely failed (no power indicator).  But the next day, I noticed the two red LEDs on the front were extremely faint, but still illuminated.  I checked the Slingcatcher power adapter and it showed 5.2 Vdc--no problem.  Then I saw online the unusually high number of Slingcatcher adapters that were prematurely failing.  Then I figured the power adapter might be failing under load (when connected to the Slingcatcher).  Sure enough!  I grabbed a D-Link network camera power adapter that I had nearby (rated 5.0 Vdc output) that just happened to have the correct plug for Slingcatcher and... bada bing, it worked!!


                                                                        So, for all those having Slingcatcher failure problems, the first thing I would check is the original power adapter.  There’s a good chance it has failed.  I too, spoke with the meatheads at Sling tech support, and they wanted to charge me $29 to talk to a person and $150 to replace my Slingcatcher with a refurb unit.  I asked how many Slingcatcher units they have replaced either under warranty, or outside warranty and she said, "not many."  This was good news since it meant there was a good chance my Slingcatcher hadn't failed.


                                                                        Details: I replaced the factory Slingcatcher power adapter with a D-Link power adapter with the same ratings (100-120Vac input, 5.0 Vdc output). You can use any equivalent power adapter to replace the failed Slingcatcher power adapter provided it has the same ratings and polarity (make sure the center pin is "+" positive).  I've included a picture of the replacement power adapter I used by D-Link.  Hopefully this information will help prevent others from having to call the meatheads at Sling who want to charge you $150 for replacement of a Slingcatcher that is 3 months outside the warranty.



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                                                                            This is one of the things I love about the internet. The truth comes out, info is shared, money and aggravation are sometimes minimized   .


                                                                            My rareified USA "Catcher" seemed to have died. I was ready to throw money at the problem. Do I chuck it and see if a GoogleTV device with some sort of app would take it's place or should I start running coax cable and IR sensors to my media room ?? What to do, what to do. Then in a last ditch effort I figure I'd check in with Sling. Sure enough within minutes I start reading others accounts of my problem - the cheap junko power supply. I'd already tested the output with a meter, it was right around 5v so who knew ? It NEVER occured to me that this thing would be "failing under load" !


                                                                            Brilliant, just brilliant Thanks to all who posted. I found a 5v supply to test out on my box and baddabing ! She's a work'in again. Found a solid replacement which I just ordered off of Ebay for $13 bucks shipped and I should be fully back in business within a week.


                                                                            Thanks again !

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                                                                            I read on one of the threads here that someone bought a replacement  universal ac adapter from best buy that worked.  Does anyone have that  link?  I can't find it...shouldve bookmarked it or ordered it on the  spot for in store pickup.  I want to avoid the sling one in case it dies  again and I also would like to avoid purchasing one online in case a  replacement doesn't work.  Thanks

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                                                                              I'm in Canada. Does anybody know how to get one of these here/ The on-line store will only accept a credit card with a US billing address

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                                                                                I just got a replacement slingcatcher for a dead one I had.  Paid $149 total (no charges for consulting, troubleshooting,  etc.).  This included shipping both ways, and they sent the new one before I returned the dead one.  Took 2 days to get it, and came sealed in a plastic bag, like new ones.  Contacted Sling, and entire conversation was quick and painless.  Upfront I told the tech I knew the problem was in the base unit.  Only "swapped" the base unit, but I knew the power supply was OK.

                                                                                New one working fine.

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                                                                                  My slingcatcher was out completely. Based on reading other posts, i bought a second A/C adapter from sling.com, it was back order for a few weeks, so i got it a couple day ago, i plug it in, all I get is a network light and the left, bottom-most light of the SB logo  "U"; but still don't get a power light. I have three other Slingboxes which  are work fine except the slingcatcher...does anyone know what is wrong with it or maybe sling should look into this problem...thanks

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                                                                                      I had the same problem as most here - the SlingCatcher not turning on anymore.  So I ordered a new AC Adapter via the phone (I'm in Canada), and everything is working great again!


                                                                                      The thing is, a few months leading to a complete failure with the AC Adapter and the SlingCatcher not turning on, the video bit rate would become very low in cycles, and the picture would become unwatchable due to a low signal.  I thought maybe it was my wireless network adapter causing problems.


                                                                                      But with the new AC Adapter, I'm at a solid 8000 kbps, and the video is streaming flawlessly again in full HD.  I didn't due anything with the network confguration / wireless adapter - the new AC Adapter did the trick.

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                                                                                          Same problem here PSU is dead.  Just ordered a new one from slings website.

                                                                                          Disappointed to see so many faulty PSU's here.


                                                                                          PS.  I cannot find slingcatcher on the website.  Has it been discontinued?

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                                                                                              The Slingcatcher has been discontinued for quite some time now.. Folks selling them on e-bay are trying to get rich.


                                                                                              My slingcatcher had the dim network light on today and turned out to be the power adapter.


                                                                                              You cannot just connect a voltmeter to this adapter and call it good if you see 5.0vdc.  The adaper fails under load.


                                                                                              I found an adapter from a d-link camera rated at 5vdc but only 2.5amps.  It powered up the slingcatcher just fine.



                                                                                              It appears if your network light is dim that points to a bad power adapter.  Any other condition appears to be a bad mainboard in the slingcatcher warranting a call to tech support.


                                                                                              Hope this helps,


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                                                                                                  I had the same dim network light but the problem is that I just purchased a new adapter from Sling!  I am currently living in China and it was such as hassle to get one purchased and shipped to me thats its a waste of time to try and get it replaced.  I got a local adapter that is slightly less the original adapter and is working great again.  As the other posts mentioned, it seems to fail under load.  After I watch mine for about 2 hrs, it starts to lose the bit rate and becomes unwatchable.  The next day its fine again.  Just looking for another replacement that matches the original output specs.

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                                                                                            To know if it is the cable or the Catcher, Use the sling box cable , that what I just did and it work So I will by only the AC adapter.


                                                                                            Thank U all. this is a very helpfull post here ,,




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                                                                                              I have a Slingbox PRO-HD...bought in Oct 2011; set up Jan 1, 2012 in the states to use overseas. Worked great from the startup, until just after the superbowl it died.  No power lights whatsoever on box. Called Slingbox and they said no longer under warranty...cost $30 to speak with someone for tech support or 19.99 for another power cord. Chose the power cord replacement.  Received it yesterday and to my disappointment...nothing.

                                                                                              No power lights....It has only been in use for less than two months!  Suggestions please!

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                                                                                                  AcaCandy Newbie

                                                                                                  No lights at all??????????? Highly unusual. Try plugging it into another outlet. My worse case failure was BARE MINIMUM --- power light goes on. You may have a complete equipment failure. I'm assuming you purchased after market, not from SLING -- as it should still be under warranty otherwise.