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    Sling Player does not show descriptive names of Roku devices

    Golfbal1 Newbie

      Roku devices (when you go to cast to TV) only shows the SN number (ie. 5k34kede32, 745klsd239, etc) and not the Descriptive Name (i.e. Livingroo,, Kitchen, Bedroom, or whatever you type in to name the Roku device).


      This is a problem when you own several Roku devices, like I do.  It does work for Chromecast Devices (at the time of this writing, Chromecast 2 does not work at all with sling player).


      Roku told me this is a Sling Player issue and not theirs. I agree and know you will too.


      It would be nice to make a physical remote that works with Roku and other devices to change and type in the channel. I would pay for that.