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    I need some help with my on screen remote


      Hi, I have no clue what I am doing. My video and audio are streaming perfectly but the remote doesn't work. The funny thing is that it initially DID work and then quit. Then without changing anything, it started working again but now......once again.....nothing. I have tried to change remotes but none of them work. Tell me what information I need to provide you in order for you to help me. As of right now my husband calls me and I go in the bedroom to turn on what he wants to watch since the remote doesn't work.

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          eferz Expert

          Which Slingplayer?

          • Web Slingplayer for Internet Explorer for PC
          • Web Slingplayer for Firefox for PC
          • Web Slingplayer for Firefox for Mac
          • Web Slingplayer for Safari for Mac
          • Slingplayer Desktop for PC
          • Slingplayer Desktop for Mac
          • Slingplayer Mobile for iPhone
          • Slingplayer Mobile for Andriod
          • Slingplayer Mobile for Blackberry
          • Slingplayer Mobile for Windows Phone
          • Slingplayer Mobile for Palm
          • Slingplayer Mobile for Symbian

          Which Slingbox?

          • Classic
          • AV
          • Tuner
          • Solo
          • Pro
          • Pro-HD



          Also during the Setup Assistant there were choices made:


          Which Video Source?

          • Component
          • S-Video
          • Composite
          • ANT IN
            • External box (cable box, satellite reciever, DVR, etc.)
            • Cable service (without a cable box)
            • Antenna


          Which Device Type?

          • Cable Box
          • Satellite Receiver
          • Standalone DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
          • DVD Player
          • Other Controllable Device
          • Non-Controllable Device


          These next two can actually be different than the physical box.

          • Manufacturer Selection?
          • Model Selection?
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            markdevoll Newbie

            try changing the position of the ir or selecting different remotes. you could load the sling player on your computer and work on it so that you know what is going on with it. makes it Easer that way.