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    SlingPlayer Video Freezes


      I have a Slingbox 500 in my home in MA and I am accessing it remotely from FL with the SlingPlayer app running on an Amazon Fire Stick.  My network configuration is as follows:

      - MA network - Verizon FIOS (83Mb down, 62Mb Up) with Actiontec Router (Direct Ethernet wired connection from Slingbox to Router)


      - FL network - Comcast XFiniti (30Mb down, 6Mb up) with Linksys EA3500 Wireless router connected to Amazon Fire Stick on 2.4Ghz band



      When I try to run the SlingPlayer in HD mode, it runs for about a couple of minutes and then the video freezes.  The video will then stay in that frozen state until you manually cancel out of the SlingPlayer app and restart the app.  I can understand that if the bandwidth isn't sufficient that the SlingPlayer would stall or stutter momentarily but if that happened, I would expect that the software would be designed to automatically recover and try to start playing again.

      I have tried using other devices on the same network to access the Slingbox and the other devices work fine.  Here's what I've tried:

      - Internet Explorer browser on a laptop

      - SlingPlayer app on an iPad

      - SlingPlayer app on an iPhone

      Is this a bug in the SlingPlayer software on the Amazon Fire Stick or is there something different I should be doing to try to make it work?