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    Issue with Slingplayer (for Android) connecting to Chromecast (v1 and v2 hardware)


      First, let me say that this has to be a well known issue.  Its seen on different threads on boards but no one seems to be tracking what the solution is and I just see people at slingbox telling users to go to chromecast, and chromecast forums telling us to contact slingplayer.


      Let me just say what I know...


      I've had a Slingbox 500 for about 3+ years now.  Its worked well for me in my home network without issues.  This isn't something new introduced to the network or a new firewall or router setting.


      Come recently, I tried to connect from my girl's house and cast it to her tv.  Slingplayer for android worked in connecting and I saw the video and could perform action the second I tried to pitch it to the chromecast (v1), it said said something about a connect issue and aborted.  Again, played fine on my phone but wouldn't go to her chromecast on her tv.


      I came home, tried to use my chromecast (v2), and watched it fail.  Only mine said nothing about a connection error but instead just froze on the slingplayer splash screen that has the build number. 


      See video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gsQTQKe2P4.  THIS is what is happened to many people in MANY threads.  The fact that I can reproduce this with no variables changing and how its just in the slingplayer app for android leads me to believe that this is a problem with slingplayer app (paid and free version, and phone and tablet versions for android, I've tried all 4).


      I called Sling support and they were too eager to tell me I'm SOL and to call support.  Support which is $30 and they were quick to tell me that if they couldn't resolve my issue, I'd still be charged.  All this for a known issue?  The support girl did say that the support team is aware of it but its not something they'd comment on now.  Also important to mention that I have no installed new firewall, network issues, rules, etc.  Chromecast works fine with all other apps.


      First - someone acknowledge this as an issue, then resolve it.  Refusing to acknowledge the problem, or refusing to contact/calling me directly to find STEP BY STEP how to reproduce the issue to help solve software shortcomings is sticking your head in the sand and unacceptable.  This worked fine up until recently.  Is at least android only issue.  I don't have an iOS device to test the slingplayer for iOS at this time.

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          ekbsrk Newbie

          Same issues with iOS...I bet their solution will be the slingbox m3...another repackaged slingbox 350 with no additional features/improvements...and the same false advertisement that chromecast works with the device.

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            Golfbal1 Newbie

            Same exact issue here.  It seems today the Chromecast 2 would connect for 5 minutes then the screen scrambles and disconnects. Today I cannot even connect with Chromecast 2.


            A friend called me today and reported that their 2 Chromecast 1 version will not connect either.


            It seems Chromecast version 1 or 2 no longer works at all.


            I'm amazed at Sling's lack of a formal acknowledgement. Just say "we are aware and we are working on it".  Is that really that hard?


            Google is hearing it too because it is giving their Chromecast devices a bad image.

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                Golfbal1 Newbie

                Scrunching on Chromecast 2 has begun again (as of Tuesday 1.19.2016). I did not have the issue for past 4 days.


                Today's (wednesday) scrunching is different, it happens for a minute then goes away. It is not disconnecting me.  Further evidence this is something to do with Sling's Servers.

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                    Update [1/21/2016]:  So after seeing the post above, I went ahead and confirmed that its "working" in two apps in the Google Play store.  Unfortunately, Sling has 4 android apps in the store.  Free for phones, free for tablets, Slingplayer [original paid version] for phones, Slingplayer for Tablets [original paid version].


                    So I went through all 4 on my tablet and phone.




                    These worked as of this morning and sorry, I can't match he build number with their store name since once installed, it just says "Slingplayer" in the application manager for every single app unlike the store listing title.

                    • Slingplayer V 2.13.0
                    • Slingplayer V 2.0.3



                    These do NOT work (they don't even show chromecast as an option dring my tests) and still exhibit the signs seen in my original post with the video.  The screen shows the splash logo, it says build 1.0.42 in the lower corner and never does anything after.

                    • Slingplayer V 3.6.1
                    • Slingplayer V 1.0.0

                    TO SLING TECHS:  You're android builds for 3.6.1 and 1.0.0 seem to be the issues.  They consistently do not connect.  The 2.13.0 and 2.0.0 builds work sometimes or inconsistently.  Today they appeared to be working. 

                    Would be nice to get any of you to reply to this thread since we're doing your **** job for you.

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                        Golfbal1 Newbie

                        Motisko, et. al.,


                        Quick update, today is Thursday, Chromecast 2 connected as expected and started scrunching at 10 minutes (note the 5 minute thing seems to have moved to 10 minutes over the last couple of days).  Then of course I got disconnected. Last night, apple free version was also scrunching and disconnecting.


                        When I connect to Chromecast 2, using any of the 4 Slingplayers, it never connects on the first try.  If you don't see a spinning wheel on the TV (same page as 1.0.42 appears), then disconnect and try again immediately.


                        Here was my testing



                        It is very sad that there are 4 versions of Slingplayer in Google Store, I posted a general question as to which one we should be using.  Not a single person has responded (including the crickets at Sling). 17 people viewed it clearly looking for an answer because the subject says:

                        There are now 4 Android Sling Players in the Google Store, which one do we use?



                        There are some real problems with the Apple and Android Sling Players.  The experience from what to the next is very different.  The two platform experiences shouldn't be so different from one another.  Functionality should be the same yet they aren't.  As we peel back the onion at Sling it seems to be exposing some real issues.  The question is are things getting better or worse. Is this fallout from the Dish purchase of Sling?  There seem to be a lot of reports that Sling TV customers are having nothing but technical issues. If this is the case then I suspect they are having chromecast issues as well.  The lack of any acknowledgement from Sling is troubling to say the least. Makes you wonder where the leadership is?  I thought the Sling CEO was a boisterous guy who seemed to want to be ahead of things.  I don't think he knows about this issue because if he did he would say something like, "our customers aren't all stupid, give answers to the ones that want answers, they can handle the truth. As for the dumb ones, well, stay the course".