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    Chromecast 2 and Slingplayer DO NOT WORK for more than 5 minutes

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      This is a well reported issue that has been going on now for a few months with no resolution in sight.


      Google is saying it is Slingbox issue.  Slingbox is saying nothing.  As such, I am siding that Google is correct.


      After 5 or so minutes of casting to the Chromecast 2 from Slingplayer (any of the apps, paid or not), the screen scrunches up to top 3rd and bottom 2/3rds scrambles, then in about a minute the TV screen goes blank.  It happens every-time without fail.


      Slingbox, go get a chromecast 2 and using slingplayer cast to a TV, wait 5 or so minutes and you will see what is happening to your customers. Go ahead and do a chromecast reboot, reconfig, install, uninstall the slingplayer app, adjust settings on your router, etc, etc.  But save your time because I can tell you now that none of that works.  Everyone else has confirmed it too.


      Please let us know what you are going to do and when. That is all we ask.  We know if this technological world with many moving pieces not everything is going to work. Leaving us in the dark will simply just hurt your brand and image.