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    connecting but massive BITRATE problems


      I have been experiencing SEVERE bitrate problems since the slingbox account problems started. I don't see any posts that other people are having problems.


      My setup is as follows:


      -using slingplayer 2.0 on a win7 machine using a dedicated wireless-N connection (270 Mbps) which transfers files from this computer to my NAS at 8MB/second (i.e. the connection is flawless).


      -my slingplayer HD is connected to a 100bt hub, and wired to my dlink dir-655 1000bt wireless router.


      this setup was giving me bitrates between 7000-8000kbps but in the last few weeks I can't get above 2000 and most of the time am stuck around 200-600 which just skips and unable to watch.


      Is this on their end or my end somewhere.


      Nothing changed with my hardware between now and then and I can still get sustained transfer rates between my computer other computers on this network of 8MB/s +. It's in house watching so my ISP shouldn't be causing this.


      What's the deal?


      I've tried rebooting the router- no help. Tried reinstalling slingplayer software (1.5 and 2.0) no help.



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          eferz Expert

          I'll assume you have a Slingbox Pro-HD since none of the other slingboxes will go near 8k.  Your connection should be a point to point connection.  If your Slingplayer (client) is on the same subnet as your Slingbox (server) then it should maintain a fast connection.


          During the server fiasco, there were several posts suggesting to downgrade to Slingplayer 1.5 which isn't able to accept encoding streams higher than 640x480.  Therefore the connectivity would probably top out around 2k.  By pressing [Alt]+[Shift]+[i] on either Slingplayer Desktop 1.5 or 2.0, you can verify the encoding resolution within the statistics window.


          Another point of contention is using the public IP address of the Slingbox Directory entry while you're on the local subnet.  This makes the Slingplayer thing that you're connecting to it remotely.  If this is the case, you should either revert back to the Sling ID or add another entry with the private IP address of the Slingbox.

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              ".  If this is the case, you should either revert back to the Sling ID or  add another entry with the private IP address of the Slingbox."


              How do I do this? I'm having a hard time figuring out which IP address my router assigned to my slingbox as I have 7 computers and 2 printers hooked up to it and not all are listed properly in the ip table on my router.


              How do I "revert back to my sling ID or add entry with a private IP?"


              Thanks for the reply- hoping this does the trick- I'm pretty frustrated

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              I'm also having bitrate problems.  I can connect to my slingbox locally, so I'm talking to my sligbox from my PC with is 15 feet away.  The picture is out of sync with the sound.  There are missing video frames.  The connection between the two devices is 100Mbs.  I did a network trace, it looks like there are checksum erros between thePC and slingbox.  I have experminted with different PC settings to adjust flow control and packet errors, nothing seems to work.  All of this did work a few weeks ago.


              I have tried to connect through my browser, firefox 3.6.8, and sometimes is seems to work better than the direct connect.


              I have a droid phone and it works just fine.  I have also tried another laptop PC, using the browser, and it works just fine.


              I'm thinking there is a problem with the IP stack configuration or the video processing on the local PC, but cannot verify this.


              It is frustrating, because there are so many "helpful" things going on in the background that cannot be viewed or configured.


              Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas as to what to look for or how to fix?






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                I was having similar problems for the last 3 weeks or so.  First it would not connect/failure to find my profile.  Then it started connected but the video was super choppy/snowy with a bitrate of only 40 (normally 500).


                I went through the set up assistant again and reconfigured the input and that fixed the problem!  It's working again at the normal bitrate.....


                good luck.


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