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    iphone 4 - slingplayer will not connect arbitrarily


      I have used slingbox for years with PC and windows mobile, generally without issue. I recently bought iphone 4 and the iphone slingplayer. I configured my connection, and it worked successfuly, however, about 80% of the time, it simply won't connect "slingplayer cannot connect ... make sure iphone and slingbox are connected to internet". The iphone is definitely connected to the internet, all other apps using the internet (safari, email, etc) work just fine. Also, I can access my slingbox successfully from my PC, so obviously the slingbox itself is working fine. I tried to connect on my iphone about ten times, and it worked once, but failed to connect every other time. I tried connecting via my account and manually with IP addtress, same issue. What gives??? The iphone software is worthless if it won't connect when I want it to... please advise.

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          You're not alone 'olmie75', I've been having the same problem recently!


          I read somewhere that Sling Media is having issues with their servers.  When you try to connect from your iPhone to your Slingbox, it first tries to login to the Sling Media servers using your Sling Account.  If that's successful, it then tries to contact your actual Slingbox.  But for weeks now, it gets stuck talking to the Sling Media servers and your iPhone just says "Logging in...".  Eventually it times out and you get an error message that it couldn't connect.


          Sling Media, please fix your servers ASAP!  It's really annoying to have everything I own working perfectly, but I can't connect to my own Slingbox because you're having problems with your servers.  Either that, or give us a way to connect directly to our Slingbox from "SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone" so we don't have to rely on your servers (like I can from "SlingPlayer for Windows").




          UPDATE:  I just discovered that you can connect to your Slingbox WITHOUT USING A SLING ACCOUNT (http://support.slingbox.com/get/KB-1000186.html).  But everytime you launch "SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone" it either automatically tries to log me into my Sling Account (if my login info is already there) or it takes me to the login page for my Sling Account.  So if you launch "SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone" and it gets stuck at the "Logging in..." message:


          1. Hit the "Cancel" button.
          2. Assuming it did NOT successfully login to your Sling Account, you will see a "Login" button instead of a "Directory" button.  If this is the case, just hit the "Connect" button to login directly to your Slingbox, bypassing your Sling Account.


          I hope this helps other people who are having the same problem!