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    Wont let me finish the setup


      I have a Solo and had it hardwired through a linksys router. everything worked perfect. my friend gave me an apple airport extreme. set it up. everything worked perfect. moved into a new house, set it up. worked perfect. we had an issue with our internet and the router stopped working for a little while, i did a master reset on the airport and put the settings in exactly how it was before. now it wont work.

      i can get into the setup, it will show the video stream and everything. i will get to about the 1-2 minute mark of going through the setup wizard and it will just drop connection. is there a master reset on the Solo that i need to reset? is there a setting that i am missing on my Airport? im at a complete loss now. any help would be amazing!

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          Is there no response to this problem?  Was it ever resolved?  I have the same problem with my Airport.


          Jack Benoit

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            Hello KamikazeDuck and all, please follow the instructions here to Reset your Slingbox and then you can go ahead and reconfigure it again.


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                My solo worked great for a year and almost a half.  Then it didn't.

                It gave the error code 0x923400dc after 10 seconds of viewing then



                Did the hard reset, and started the setup procedure.

                Got it to select the proper video input, saw the tv image, and continued

                with the setup.  It never was able to finish - always crapped out similar

                to how this failure started happening.


                This to me (I write device firmware for a living) seems like a hardware failure.


                I've tried many different things, but they all boil down to the same thing - start

                viewing streaming TV, after less than a minute, the  box resets itself and craps

                out.  The light pattern on the front of the box suggests it reset itself..


                No point in doing any more with this thing - it needs replacing.  I guess the

                question is who pays....